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David slowly opened his eyes. It was still dark but he knew that the cold sun will be showing its face in fifteen minutes. He got out of bed. He weighed himself on the electric scale. He was the exact same weight as yesterday. He made his bed and walked out to his living room to be greeted by emptiness. He didn’t really do breakfast but needed a couple of cups of coffee to get going. He out the electric kettle on while he put two scoops of coffee in the plunger. It was half price the other day. David was ecstatic. He bought two. The kettle took less than two minutes to boil the water. He poured it into the plunger then gave out a big yawn and a stretch. He’s been meaning to look into opening a little coffee shop in downtown, but he’s been just too busy at work. At night, all he wants to do is binge TV shows and fall asleep to dinner for one. Well, soon, I’ll get on it, he told himself. It must have been five minutes, enough time for the coffee should’ve brewed to his liking. He walked back to the kitchen bench and poured himself a big mug. It tasted good. He picked up his phone and scrolled through the news. The usual, some old celebrity died, inflation was out of control and endless people trying to make it online as the next big thing. What seemed like five minutes was thirty minutes. The sun made its way through the blinds. David put the phone down and took a shower and put his shirt, pants and tie. He had a big client that was coming in at midday. If he closes this deal, he was well on his way to becoming the assistant manager on his floor. That was that to look forward to. He grabbed his wallet, keys and phone and closed his door behind him. They laid a new carpet in his building. He noticed a week ago, when he noticed the new plastic smell. They replaced it with the exact same carpet. The subway station was a five-minute walk from his apartment. The lift took him straight to the concourse of the train station. He liked to get to the station a little earlier to beat the morning rush. The lift door opened, and he got out. As usual, the walkway to the platforms were scarce with people. The dozen people in work clothes all walking towards the station were looking down onto their phones. Nothing unusual there. He followed them onto platform five, for the downtown bound train at eight. His phone beeped with notification. David took it out of his pocket.


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