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A while back I made a conscious decision to wake up at 4 am. That meant going to bed at no later than 9:30 PM (I still get a solid 7 hours of shut eye). It’s been about two years now since I’ve kept this up. I find this new sleeping pattern quite useful in my everyday life. I’ve listed few benefits of waking up super early below:

  1. Extra Time Gained For The Day: I noticed that when you wake up super early, you have extra 3-4 hours to yourself. You can use that time to do what ever you want. The first few moments of waking up, I usually make myself a big pot of coffee and do a ten-minute stretch session. I like the vibe of early mornings. I live in Sydney Australia so 4 am is quite pleasant all year round. Our summers are hot, and winters are mild. Anyway, after my stretch session, I sit down to either journal or meditate. Like I said, when you wake up at 4am, the world is your oyster.


  1. You Get Into A Healthy Routine: Subconsciously, I know that it’s not negotiable that I wake up at 4 am every single day, including weekends. That means I need to go to bed between 8:30 – 9:00pm every night. What that means is going out until early hours of the morning or staying up binge-watching shows is no longer an option. So you adjust you whole being to your awesome sleeping hours. Comes with it are other healthy habits like eating clean, not drinking alcohol or wasting time and money on unhelpful, useless things. This might seem drastic or extreme but believe me, keep this up for six months and see what happens to your weight, energy levels, finances and life.



  1. You Develop A Sense Of Accomplishment: Once you get into the routine of waking up early, eating healthily, thinking good thoughts and looking after your wellbeing, you started to develop a certain sense that you are now disciplined and have the right vehicle to tackle any challenge. Once you’ve kept the ball rolling and start doing things that help you to live a clean and healthy life, you begin to think to yourself “well, what else can I do to take it to the next level?”. For me, I’ve always wanted to blog and write fiction and publish it online. Until I started out on my new way of life, I didn’t have the know-how or the discipline to write and publish on daily basis. My path of daily writing only came about when I started waking up at 4am when there aren’t anything to distract me from sitting down for couple of hours to write. I’m not saying you should get up 4 am to write. You can use the three to four hours in the morning to do anything you want. That can be working out, working on side hustles, yoga, running, the choices are endless.


  1. You Get More Energy: When you wake up at 4am and start moving your mind and body, by the time 7, 8, 9 am comes around, you’re already going and energised. I don’t know all the hormones involved in waking up but by mid-morning, you’re way more alert and agile than someone that’s just gotten up. And because you’ve had your solid seven hours of sleep, you won’t feel tired or crash. If you have a nine to five, you’ll turn up to work with spring in your steps to tackle any task at hand. If you’re your own boss than you would have had three to four hours to come up with new ideas and how executed some of those in motion by breakfast.


  1. You Don’t Waste Any Time And Energy On Useless Things: Because you’re economical in time management in sleeping, waking up, eating well etc, you’ll find that you don’t waste time and energy on things that don’t help you in vibing high and living your best life. Watch the toxic people in your life taper off, watch the unhealthy eating habits come to a halt. I found that everything starts with your sleeping pattern. If you have to lose a whole bunch of “friends” so be it, believe me, they’re not your friends. Anyway, give waking up super early a try. It’ll change your life.


I’ve listed just a few of many good things that comes with waking up super early in the morning. Give it a go and you’ll see that everything about you will improve and you can live your best life. Comment below and let me know if it’s working or not working for you. Thanks guys.


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