Time Train (Working Title)

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Time Train (Working Title)

Jo felt his cold, deadly gaze five rows back. he boarded the train about thirty minutes ago. Time ran strangely when you’re travelling in time. Jo didn’t know why that mean looking man was looking at her. She knew that under his black coat, he was packing all sorts of weapons, not to mention his size and physique let her know to not take him on. Her stop was coming up in ten minutes, but she knew she had to think fast if she was to lose this guy. She had enough rounds for her mission. There was no way of anyone knowing who she was what her assignment is. Only two people know that she’s on this train. Even her name Jo was an alias. Jo’s only goal right now was to get off the train and meet the contact for instructions on the next stage of her mission. But this big guy was making her nervous.

Her usual back ups were stood down. This was a suicide mission. The Bureau didn’t even issue her a return ticket. So why is this guy looking at Jo waiting for the right moment to pounce. That didn’t matter now. She looked around the cabin. There were less than ten passengers all on their way to various time station. A fight would disrupt the other passengers who are also on assignments of their own. That would really mess up the flow of time-space mumbo-jumbo. Jo’s died so many times on this job. This time travelling train allowed her to dive into infinity and look at the abyss.

Jo saw in the corner of her eyes that the big man was making a move. She knew that he knew that her stop was coming up. He only his left hand was visible. That meant his right was under his coat holding a big gun or knife. Despite his appearance, Jo knew that he was a low-level assassin who was more like a hammer than a scalpel. Next stop was Jo’s. She had exactly two universal minutes to get off the train and meet the contact, but this guy was going to disrupt her schedule. Jo could feel the train decelerating. She made the last second plan to shoot him with a single shot as she gets off the train and make a dash for it to the contact.

The big man was only five meters behind her, and he seemed to be in a hurry. The train was still a minute away from stopping and if she took a shot, the others will be disturbed let alone being banned from the train for life. She had infinity to consider. But not completing her assignment meant the end of everything, including this train. She needed to act now. She turned around to take a shot. The man was gone. She frantically looked around. He was no where to be scene. She turned back to the exit. The mean looking man had a pistol squarely pointed on Jo’s forehead and before she could react, he pulled the trigger.

Immediately, the train came to complete stop.

Everything happened within a second. The mean man took out a big automatic rifle and opened fire on the rest of the passengers.

The entire cabin was smeared with blood.

It was pitch black outside. The train was stuck in the middle of infinity.


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