Time Station Issue 1

Posted by David Kim on

Time ran a little differently at Time Station. It was always packed with commuters making their way in all directions at any given moment. The passengers were from all places and times. To a first timer here, it might appear quite an odd place. Words can't describe what you can expect if you're here for the first time. One thing that comes to mind when I first saw this place was I guess, a busy train station or airport at peak times. 

Like one of the thousands of commuters here, I was rushing to to catch my 2:00 pod to get to the year 2344. I couldn't understand why they couldn't give everyone enough time to get to their pods. Pretty much, there were only enough time to get to your designated pod and get to your destination. There were various shops, cafes and bars that I saw in here that I've never been to cause my next ride was always five minutes away. But one day, I'm hopeful that I could make a quick pit stop and have a burger and milkshake in that burger place that I'm running by right now. When you're running late, the time seemed tick twice as fast. I missed my designated time pod once and it was not a pleasant experience at all. The consequences of missing the pod echoed through the universe. 

Right now I had to catch my pod so I can travel to the year 2344 like I mentioned earlier, because someone in that particular time has built a home made device that kept on messing up the flow of time-space. Time travel, like space travel is perfectly fine as long as it is sanctioned by the Council. I am one of the thousands of agents who travel between time and space adjusting little anomalies that arise when rogue individuals or organisations take it upon themselves to build and use any device that allows them to manipulate the fabric of the universe without the right paperwork. 



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