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The following is a work of fiction.


Time travel is not conducive for health, it’s the most unnatural thing a human can endure. I have no idea if the assignment was completed or if I failed. All I can see right now are four walls with no doors and a small window looking out to a garden that is flickering and glitching like a broken TV screen. If you look out the window for exactly point nine Earth Seconds, it appears to be a nice English garden, but every second, the whole scene jerks back and forth with random things appearing and disappearing, with the day and night switching as though someone is playing with the on/off button. I know better to jump through this window. I learnt the hard way. Usually, the chaos settles down and. I just hope that I completed the mission. Failure is not an option. In this business, there were no second chances. I decide to sit back on the floor and gather my thoughts. The last thing I remember is fleeing the Night Nurse’s goons and getting in the chrono-chamber just with zero seconds to spare. I just pray to who ever is listening that the agent Code Name: Night Nurse is dead. I’m pretty sure I put two bullets in her head to make sure. After all these years as an time enforcement officer, I can never get used to jumping through time. It can only be described as a fish swimming upstream at about a hundred mach. I miss Sarah, she is the best thing that’s happened to me. I still have the standard issue pistol holstered under left arm. I take it out to check for rounds, empty and still warm. I have no idea how long I’ve been trapped in this room with bricked walls. I just hope that Doctor Laura comes through. She was the only one who showed me kindness in the agency. I continue to wait. At least I’m not getting shot at right now, I tell myself.

Suddenly, a door appears like it’s getting rendered in digitally. Thank god!

The familiar metallic door appears and opens slowly. Doctor Laura will look after me now. I can’t wait to see Sarah’s beautiful face again. Then, that cold hard thing hits me like a freight train. I am a helpless animal now. The Night Nurse is standing there with the cold expression with her Mona Lisa smile piercing down on me. She is never alone. Two of her giant goons pick me up like a rag doll as they drag me out.

I’m in for a rough ride.


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