They Came At Night

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They Came At Night

The twelve-year-old Sarah just tucked her little sister Katie in for night when they heard a horrific sound that echoed through the street outside. Their parents, doctors working late tonight made sure the doors and windows weren’t penetrable from outside. Sarah pulled the blinds down in Katie's room. She took a glimpse of what was making the ghoulish noises that grew by the minute. She could believe what she was seeing. Quickly she ducked down before one of those things saw her. Katie was afraid and wanted her mum. Sarah picked up her phone and dialed her mother. It rang out with her mother’s voice asking to leave a message.

“Mum! There’s something weird happening outside! Please come home as soon as you can!” Sarah said frantically.

She called her dad. After few seconds, there was an answer.

“Dad! Dad!” Sarah yelled into the phone.

There was the same chaotic noise on the other line. Eventually an unintelligible growling sounded before the line went dead.

“I’m scared Sarah!” Katie said.

“Me too” Sarah answered.

The hellish sound was now much louder than five minutes ago. There were sounds of people screaming and whaling along with the animalistic growls. Luckily, at least for now, those creatures didn’t approach their house. Katie crawled under her bed and put her hands on her ears and clenched her eyes shut. Sarah didn’t know what to do. She didn’t dare look outside. She heard windows breaking with people rushing outside crying and screaming in terror. Her dad always told her, if something bad happened, don’t panic and try to come up with a plan.

It sounded like the street outside was now full of people and those monsters. She could hear cars screeching and crashing. Suddenly, there was a big explosion. Sarah had to act fast. She knew that before too long, those things will come inside her house. She had to take her little sister out of the room. If one of those things got in, there would be no way out as they were on the third floor. She had to get downstairs and get to their tree house. Sarah put on sneakers and on Katie. They dressed in their favourite hoodie and slowly went out into the hallway. Sarah was sad to see their parents’ room empty. They slowly made their way down the stairs. Sarah knew that even if those monsters tried to get inside, it won’t be that easy. The living room was as she left it. To their left was their secret passage to the tree house that their dad built for them a year ago. Sarah slowly and quietly walked over to the balcony that led to the tree house. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Those creatures were all over the tree and manically jumping and grabbing anything they saw.

As Sarah back away slowly with tears trickling down her cheeks, one of the monsters spotted her. Without hesitation, about a dozen ghouls jumped onto the balcony screaming and banging on the window. Sarah knew she had about five minutes before they get in the house.


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