The UFO - A Short Story

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The following is a work of fiction.


It would have been another quiet Saturday afternoon if it wasn't for those UFOs that appeared without sound or warning. I was just walking home with a cup of coffee in my hand when I noticed that the entire block was darkened with massive shadows. It took me awhile to look up and there they were. I looked around to see if anyone else has noticed the fact that there were giant fifty meter flying saucers scattered all over the sky. They just hovered at various distances, some seemed to be outside the atmosphere resembling the moon. They were perfectly shiny without any seams. I couldn't see any doors or windows. They just hung in the air watching us. 

Eventually, people started to take notice and one by one, they looked up. Like startled ants there was an immediate panic. The crowd scurried in all directions. Cars desperately crashed into each other to try to get away from the mysterious crafts. I had no idea what I should do next. I must have stood there watching the world fall apart with my heart pounding. Eventually the streets were filled with police cars and ambulances but it was of no avail. There were simply too much chaos for any human being to restore any form of order. 

In all the while, those UFO crafts were just hovering up there yet to do something, anything. I decided that I should start running. I dropped my coffee and picked a directions and began to run. Though I knew that there was no escaping from these crafts, as they were scattered in the sky in all directions, I figured that it was better than just standing still. There were screams coming from all directions, people wailing in desperation. In a word, it was hell. The only source of light was from the headlights of cars being driven by maniacs crashing into everything. 

The ground started trembling and I figured that the UFOs were finally using their weapons. As I was running, I noticed that the bottom parts of every craft started to glow. That wasn't a good sign. The glow became a beam of light that seem to snatch people of one by one. Helpless, the fear stricken citizens were sucked up by the orange glows from the UFOs. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was something you see in a B-Grade movie.

I continued running.

I saw hundreds of people getting picked up by those alien beams of light like they were made of cotton. The crafts were very efficient, seemed as though they were careful not to hurt the people. I knew that my turn was coming any second. Suddenly, I felt a warm, almost pleasant heat taking a hold of me. It was hard to describe, it was like a gentle invisible hand grabbing me and lifting me up. I must have ascended about two hundred meters. I was quickly approaching the craft. I couldn't see any doors or hatches. The beam took me inside the UFO and it was not what I expected. 

It was like a giant empty fish bowl, no green men, no distinctive features. I wasn't harmed in any way. My heart was still pounding. I could see right through the floor of the craft and the walls. In fact, it was as if I was just floating in mid air. I calmed myself down and looked down at the chaos beneath. It was the same mayhem. The ground started to crack open. I couldn't help but have tears trickle down my cheeks. I could see that the crafts were starting to ascend into the sky one by one. 

Suddenly my craft began to ascend, slowly at first then within a second we were breaking through the clouds then in the upper atmosphere and eventually space. What I saw next was beyond belief.

We are all taught from early age of what the planet Earth looks like. We were all taught without a shadow of a doubt that Earth is a watery ball resembling a marble, a one in a billion marvel of the universe. That it was not. 

As we ascended out of the planet I could clearly see that Earth was and has always been another UFO craft. Finally and thankfully I passed out. 

I don't know for how long I was out but I eventually came around. I was still in the giant fish bowl along with thousands of other crafts suspended in space. The massive craft that we used to call Earth was now on fire. I felt like passing out again. 

Suddenly before my eyes, another enormous craft was being constructed. Within minutes, another shinier version of the craft was constructed.

Naturally, I passed out again. 

I was back at the street corner where I bought my coffee. I quickly looked up, the craft I was in retracted its beam. Then, as if saying good bye, it flashed a quick light then disappeared. Everyone around me carried on like nothing had happened. My knees were trembling. I sat down on the bench and took a deep breath. I looked up, not a single sign of the UFOs. It was just sunshine and blue sky. 


Written by DK 2021



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