The Room

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The Room

There was an urban legend that a room existed that transported you to another dimension. And that room was right next door to my apartment. I only came across this room like with anything these days, on the internet. At first I didn’t think much of it and went about my life. But every day as I pass the door to the next dimension morning and night, I grew to believe the legend. My other neighbours are loud bunch and obnoxious. As for the door right next to me, I was pretty sure that someone lived there as I’d seen envelopes and junk in the mailbox.

One night after work as I passed by, I decided to put my ear on the mysterious door and see if I could hear something that could put my mind at ease. I’m pretty sure I heard something but couldn’t be sure for certain as my other neighbour blasts his damn music all times of the day until 8pm. I stood there for a good minute when I thought I heard footsteps approaching the door. So I quickly went back into my apartment and hoped that whoever inside didn’t call the cops.

I couldn’t feel but feel curious about that damn room. One time, after world he came home to see bunch of YouTubers film a story about the room. By that time, I knew a little about the urban legend and we talked for a little while. The main guy in the YouTube crew said that the door is the centre of the universe and that when you walk through it, you’re stepping into a mirror image of this world. That there is another version of you but a mirror image. Not just that, everything about this world inside runs in the opposite direction to our world. Basically, it’s kind of like a time machine. I ask them how they knew all this and the guy said that they left an object in there about a year ago and they came to retrieve it. There were three of them, the guy that I was talking to named Derek, Jenny, on the camera and another guy, Johnny who seemed to just tag along. I was intrigued. Derek started jiggling the door to get it opened. I was worried that these three are just three juveniles breaking and entering. After few attempts, Derek opened the door. What I saw next broke all sense of reality.

Derek was right. When he opened the door there were four people standing right in front of us. It was like looking into a mirror but they were reacting to us. We entered the doorway. I didn’t thing think that was a good idea as if what Derek is saying true, I thought maybe we shouldn’t mess with the equilibrium, or something. As we entered, the four that were standing in front of us disappeared. Everything seemed off. It was the exact same hall way but all of the numbers of the units were backwards. We walked few metres down the hall just passed my door when the worst happened. The door that we came through slammed shut and worst yet, when we went back, it was no longer there. The loud noise alerted the neighbours and some of them looked out. One of the neighbours was me but a mirror image.



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