The Reaper Man

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The Reaper Man

3:00 AM

I couldn’t sleep for another night. That figure was standing there again. I didn’t know if it was male or female. It was wearing a grim reaper style hooded robe. It just stood there.

It all started about a month ago when I was googling urban myths. I came upon a creepy site with just one page. When I clicked on it, a message popped up with a warning “Enter At Your Own Risk”. I thought it was a clothing shop selling Halloween merch. Without thinking twice, I clicked to enter. The page was just a black screen without any texts or pictures. I thought, maybe it’s under construction so clicked on the back button to get out. The back button didn’t work. So, I clicked on the x thing on the top right-hand corner to just get out of the whole screen. That didn’t work either. At that point I was annoyed that I probably got a malware from this sketchy site. I tried to turn the laptop off altogether to restart the computer. No luck.

With a sigh and not knowing what to do, I stared at the black screen for few minutes. All I saw was my own reflection, getting the shits.

Then I saw the figure in the reflection, to my left. Freaked out, I turned around. There wasn’t anything there. It was clear as day. A tall figure dressed in that old style hooded robe, just like the one that’s staring at me right now. I wasn’t hallucinating. My laptop is totally dead now. So is everything that I’ve touched over the last month, the TV, microwave, car and even the car.

I’ve been trapped in my own room for the last month because everything I touched died. I couldn’t even call for help. The phone hasn’t worked since that night. The weird thing is that the new phone that I up graded only a day before the incident looked as though it had been buried for a hundred years.

It wasn’t just things died on me when I touched them. I can’t get the look on my boss’s eyes when I shook his hand that morning when he greeted me. I saw his soul get sucked out of his body and drop to the floor like a rag doll. No one noticed, so I ran out. I ran straight home as my new car refused to start and turned into that rotten state the moment I entered it.

I ran home and came inside my apartment and prayed that this was just a big nightmare. I saw my sweet Sarah standing there. I gave her a big hug. To my horror, her eyes rolled up into her skull as she turned into that corpse like state within seconds. Trembling, I came into our bedroom and have been inside ever since.

That’s when I noticed that thing. It’s latched on to me like the plague. It was some sort of a grim reaper. But instead of killing me, its been killing everything that I touched.

Now it was just standing there just looking at me.




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