The Pyramid Issue 1

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Jennifer Morrison could believe that she was in Cairo. Right in front of her eyes, The Great Pyramid of Giza. The twenty-five-year-old was obsessed with the Pyramids since was ten years old and has seen it countless times. Her parents brought her here every year, and every time, she would discover something new. Morrison wrote two books on the mysterious structure which made it on the New York Times Best Seller List. She was hand picked by her university after she completed her PhD only a month ago for her ground breaking theories. The funds from the sale of the books allowed her to pay for her numerous trips, not to mention the hiring of private mercenaries to accompany her. There were few times when the mercs came in handy, like the time she went on the covert midnight excursions. These walls weren't empty, they were far from it. Now that she was formally an expert on the subject of Egyptology, her job got a hell of a lot easier. But she still needed her body guards. The African sun was unbearable but the pain was worth it. She was accompanied by her mentor Dr Jones and Dr Kransky. The three exchanged smiles of joy and made their way to the entrance. As expected, the site was packed with tourists and local "guides" looking to scam them. Morrison and her team powered through the crowd and entered via the entrance near the Great Sphinx. Morrison couldn’t ignore the heat. The Australian native was used to her fair share of the hot sun but this was something else and even after a decade it didn't get easier. She took out her infrared-spectro scanner and turned it turn. She took a deep breath and calmed her self down. Unlike in her student days, this time, she had the full backing of the Australian and Egyptian governments to fully explore her theories. She was here with Dr Jones six months ago and Morrison discovered an entrance to a chamber that no one has even speculated. She came to the knowledge of this entrance from her source on the dark web. 

About thirty metres in, the three came to a stop. Morrison mentally practiced this run in her mind for the last six months. This mission had the top secret status and it was of utmost importance that they don’t get spotted by some pesky tourist armed with a mobile phone camera. Dr Kransky signed Morrison and Jones to proceed and he stopped and with an intense scowl looked back to see if there were anyone behind them, Morrison had exactly ten seconds to scan and press the stones in the correct sequence for the hidden doorway to open.

About ten metres behind them were a group of tourists that were making their way up the incline. Dr Kransky politely asked them to stop for a minute. The obnoxious tourists disregarded him and continued on their way. Morrison’s heart dropped. She needed five more seconds. Jenny could hear the kids coming around the corner. As she saw their shadow come around closer, she could hear Dr Kransky whisper something to them and they all turned around. She was glad that she brought “Dr Kransky”. He came highly recommended and the price tag to match.

Two seconds later she cracked the code and the wall opened. “Kransky!” Morrison whispered. He came running around the corner like a kitten and the three entered the secret door.



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