The Park

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The following is a work of fiction.

The Park

There’s a local park that I usually go to with my parents when it’s warm and sunny outside. It’s been a long winter and finally the weather showed signs of spring. I was looking forward to going to the park as I have been stuck inside for almost six months. The snow, wind and the cold were fierce. Timing couldn’t have been more perfect for all the snow to melt and the warm sun to make its appearance. It was Sunday morning, a day before the new school term began. I woke up early and grabbed Snoogy, my dog who was reluctant to go to the park at seven in the morning. But I put a collar around her neck and we stepped out. The air was still quite chilly but no where as cold as even few days ago. It was good to breathe in fresh air and we made our way to the park.

Surprisingly, the park was entirely empty except for the birds.

In the middle of the park is a huge flat grass area where kids played soccer and other sports after school in the summertime. But today, it was totally void of anyone. When she was younger, Snoogy loved running on this endless stretch of grass for hours, but this morning, she picked a spot and just chilled and gave me a little dirty look for dragging her out of her comfortable warm bed. Then I realised that something wasn’t quite right. a heavy, thick fog came over the whole park and I couldn’t see past ten metres.

I couldn’t tell for how long the blanket of fog covered the park but it eventually lifted and I could see the blue sky and the sun again. It even frightened Snoogy and she came running to me in terror and stuck by me. I thought, it was a good time to go home and I checked my phone for the time. It made no sense. The time on the phone screen was 7pm. I couldn’t have stayed here for twelve hours!

At that point, I was a little freaked out and made my way to the entrance to the park. It feels like I’ve been walking for an hour. I can see the arch way and even my street beyond it, but somehow, I can never get to it. Snoogy was starting to get tired. The temperature really dropped at this point. I was starting to get scared. The sun disappeared and suddenly, it became night time. Something was very wrong. Desperately took my phone out to call my parents. But to my shock, the phone had no signal.


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