The Night Detective (Working Title)

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The Night Detective (Working Title) 

Mission: Failed.

Agent Kovacs made it to the location of the junction in the nick of time. His hands shook uncontrollably as he opened the hatch to get back to his reality, he didn’t know what that meant any more. But now was not the time to ponder on the mysteries of the universe. Kovacs crouched into the metallic chamber and slammed the hatch shut. It was pitch black in the chamber but by muscle memory, he found the main switch and flicked it up. Retro styled dim light bulbs popped on revealing a small dirty monitor and two joy sticks on either side of the console. Kovacs had no time to nurse his battered and bloodied face as he routinely flicked two more switches on. A low grumbly engine sound started all around the chamber. This was the painful part. The agent pressed down on the clutch with his right foot as he put the right joystick forward. He carefully adjusted a dial, took a deep breath and let go of the clutch. The low, gentle grumble of the engine suddenly sound like it was put in to the fifth gear. The sheer loudness of the interior of the chamber wasn’t as unbearable as the G-force that the agent experienced. The glitchy monitor indicated that all systems were normal, and the time of arrival was five seconds. Kovacs checked his watch, not one second had passed. The agent clenched his neck and stomach as he started to breathe in deep. Everything turned dark.

Kovacs woke up in a dark room, it was a hotel room, and he could see the Eiffel Tower in the window. The agent closed his eyes again. For what seemed like an eternity, his whole body and mind felt like it was torn apart and placed back together. He finally sat up on the bed and got his thoughts together. His mind was foggy and unclear. He traced his mind on how he got here but everything was a blur. At least I was in Paris he thought. He closed his eyes for few minutes and slowed down his breathing. His mind was at last blank and at peace.

Suddenly, it hit him like a freight train that he failed to take out the targets only known as Chaos Twins. His heart was filled with adrenaline again. Kovacs quickly opened the secret compartment under the bed, took out his gun, silver coins and the passport. As if new information were being transmitted to him, he put on the fresh clothes neatly folded on the armchair next to the window and made his way to the front door. The future memory was coming to him at a lightening speed. He had exactly ten minutes to get to Arc De Triomphe, this time he won’t fail the assignment, he thought to himself.

Kovacs took a deep breath and opened the front door.

This wasn’t in the briefing. The Chaos Twins were standing right in front of him, guns drawn at a point-blank range. Kovacs was fast but not fast enough to counter a bullet. The Twins opened fire mercilessly. Everything went black again.

The agent opened his eyes. He was laid down in the middle of a crowded subway, in New York.



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