The Night City

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The following is a work of fiction.

The Night City

Time was always against us. I barely got away from the men in the black suits. Getting captured by them was something unthinkable. I walked through a door on the top floor of the skyscraper. That was a mistake. The men in the black suits all but disappeared but now I was faced with a bigger problem. The cityscape outside the window looked like a ghostly projection of buildings, sky and the moon. That meant, I had exactly a minute to get out or I’ll be trapped here indefinitely. Eternity is a painful proposition. I had to think fast. The doors behind me vanished. I held my hands to my eyes, and they were glitching out, in and out of view. I literally had seconds, or maybe it was already too late.

I tried breaking the windows. It was no use. I was getting out of sync with the surroundings, and I couldn’t even touch anything. I was losing hope. All I could do was sit here and watch my universe crumble all around me. It was quite a sight. The whole city looked as though its soul was getting sucked out of it. I sat down and just enjoyed the view. I didn’t know if the big ball of light in the sky was the moon or the sun. It too appeared to be losing its life force. I had a good run; I tell myself as I ready myself of eternity of nothingness.

Suddenly, about three hundred metres to the east, I see something flying towards me, fast. Within a second it crashes through the window making a hell of a mess. It was her, my teammate, my rescue squad.


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