The Night Body Snatchers

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The Night Body Snatchers

They were almost caught tonight. It was a close one. They slowed right down as the police car siren drifted away in the distance. Only two miles from the doctor’s lab, Bourke and Hare was getting paid well tonight they thought. Rebecca hare never got used to the body bag sloshing around in the back. Sometimes she wanted a way out of this gruesome life. Being a grave robber in 2022 was not something that she thought was a thing, but here she was. Billy Bourke, on the other hand, kind of enjoyed this work, the adrenaline, the action etc. The two met in university when they were in second year, in anatomy class. They fooled around for a while before dropping out together as university wasn’t for them. The pair spent the next five years going from job to job until they ran into their old professor who offered them this job, and they never looked back.

Rebecca only wanted to be the driver for each job and have nothing to do with the digging, handling or even seeing of the cadavers. The two had never questioned what the doctor did with these bodies they dug up once a month, and they didn’t care. They were paid very well for their ghastly vocation.

The two pulled into the driveway to the lab. Rebecca almost through up from the smell of the body. The car was specifically tuned and designed for midnight graving robbing, funded by the doctor. The two didn’t even know his name. Rebecca drove down a long driveway down into a parking garage. The roller door was perfectly timed so that when they got down to the bottom of the driveway, it was already opened and swiftly shut. Bleach smelling misting sprayed from all directions.

When Rebecca pulled in, she quickly got out and vomited into the bin she found in the corner.

“You alright babe?” Billy asked nonchalantly

“Don’t even!” Rebecca said as she continued.

The massive room was dimly lit, had the appearance of a morgue. It had rows of steel hatches for bodies and the whole place smelled of embalming fluid and bleach. Billy opened the back and took out the body bag like it was groceries and place it on the steel bed.

“Careful Mr Bourke” a deep, monotone voice said

“Sorry doctor” Billy said as he checked his phone. Fifty thousand dollars was deposited into his account.

“Let’s get out of here Billy” Rebecca said. She hasn’t felt this sick.

“Just a sec babe”

He placed the bag in the top level of the body hatch and locked it shut. He then walked to Rebecca and held her tight as they walked towards the back door. He was getting a little hungry. He turned the knob to exit. The door was locked. He jiggled the knob again. Still locked.

“What’s up doctor!” Billy was a little agitated and nervous.

“Sorry Mr Bourke and Miss Hare, this is the end of our professional relationship”

The last thing the couple heard was a silencer of a pistol before they both dropped to the cold concrete floor.



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