The Mummy

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The Mummy

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Jane missed the hot sun of Cairo. Despite her jet lag from almost flying for twenty-four hours, she and her excavation team got to work. She paid good money for the two-man security detail. Last year, Jane’s team almost didn’t make it back when they discovered what she only read about in the dark web. This time she didn’t leave anything to chance. She had only two hours to dig up the casket and move it to the secret unsanctioned hanger in the Cairo airport. Her local contacts had everything organised, down to the last detail. She was to deliver the casket hidden in the Valley Of The Kings and to her newest client in a country that she couldn’t disclosed two hour flight away. Her fee was a hundred million dollars. This was her biggest pay day.

The seven-person team got to work. Jane vowed to come back to Egypt as a tourist someday, but tonight, she needs to deliver an item that no one on Earth knows about except her and her client. As the retrofitted personnel carrier approached the staging area, they encountered the first obstacle. Two idiot locals were fooling around right at the site, drinking and making ass of themselves. Two silent shots made a stop to that. The consequences of getting caught by the authorities was certain death. This was a robbery on a scale never attempted in history of thieves. The unmarked grave was already dug by Jane’s international contact. She swiftly paid them when vehicle stopped. A hundred thousand dollars in a white envelope was enough fee for anyone to do anything. Four burly men picked up the golden casket and loaded it into the back to the bullet proof personnel carrier.

“Careful” Jane said as they gently pushed the coffin into the rail designed specifically for this job.

That was too easy Jane thought.

One of the security men hopped into the back. The other detached the motorcycle from the side and started to make their way back to the airport. Jane kept on touching her pistol holstered under her left arm.

“You won’t need that mam” The commando man said gently.

“I hope so”

Jane’s heart raced. The empty streets made her feel at ease. They were only ten minutes from the airport. But this was only phase one of her operation. She had to get on the cargo plane and fly two hours up north where, the insurgent activity is well known. There she organised a bigger team of mercenaries, but she prayed to God that it didn’t come to fire fight and violence. She breathed.

The guard at the unofficial entrance to Hanger twenty-five opened the boom gate. She paid him another hundred thousand.

Directly in front of them was the cargo plane with the engines running. That’s when everything went wrong. The coffin began to make banging sounds from the inside increasingly violently. Her client advised and instructed her to no open the casket under any circumstance.

“No one touch it!” Jane said forcefully.

It was too late.

A gaunt thin figure wrapped in white bandages had killed the mercenary like he was nothing. The cold, dead eyes stared directly at Jane.

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