The Mirror

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The Mirror

I have no idea how I got here. The last thing I recall was checking my reflection in that old mirror on top of the staircase in the main quadrangle building. At first, my main concern was that I would be late for my ten o’clock math lecture, but now that was the least of my problems. I ran down the stairs to the ground level to get out through the front door. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was pitch black outside. I was sure that it was a sunny morning when I entered the building. I was kind of scared to go outside. I turned around and looked at the top of the stairway. Things were starting to get weirder by the second. It was a bright sunny day outside the big old arched window up the stairs. Carefully and slowly, I made my way out to the courtyard. It was cold and nights were never this cold in October in Sydney. I looked up. The moon appeared to be at least a hundred times bigger than it should be. Am I dreaming? I thought to myself.

Despite the fact that the moon was massive and bright in the sky, nothing on the courtyard was lit. I looked into classrooms, I couldn’t see anyone. I ran down to the library, there should be plenty people there to tell me just exactly what was going on. The entrance to the library was open but I couldn’t walk through it as though there was an invisible force field. I was starting to get scared. The giant moon mocked me as I tried to figure this thing out.

Across the walkway from the library was the anatomy department. The door was open so I ran inside. I never liked coming into this building. The smell of formaldehyde lingered everywhere and it didn’t leave you for days. I squinted to make out where I was going. As if it was bad enough that I wasn’t wearing my glasses, the hallway was barely light enough to make out the numbers on each room. The front door slammed shut, startling me. At that point nothing surprised me. I only took few classes here last year before dropping the course, the sight of real dead bodies was a little much. But here I am stumbling in the creepy hallway trying to find anyone who can tell me what was happening.

Realising that all of the doors are locked, I decided to turn around and get outside. The hallway was no more than twenty metres long from the front door. When I turned around, I couldn’t see the end of the hallway. I swiftly looked the other way. I was stuck in an endless hallway. The smell of the chemicals were now much more intense.

Desperately, I tried to open the doors, I had to get out of here. With my heart pounding like a jack hammer, I quickly turned the doorknobs, with no luck.

After what felt like an eternity, a doorknob turned. I pushed the door and rushed in. I was bang in the middle of the grassy courtyard back in the main quadrangle. This time, the hot sun was shining, other students were rushing back and forth everywhere.




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