The Message

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The Message

Justine was tired from the day of filming her video. Her ten million subscribers tuned in daily for her zesty vlogs. It was well past midnight and the twenty-one-year-old was ready for bed. She checked over the footages and emailed them to her editor. She no longer had the time to edit her own videos and had hired a cameraman and an editor. She had another full day scheduled tomorrow and it was a paid brand deal, so she needed all the energy for the shoot. Justine turned off her computer and as she was about to get into bed when her phone chimed with a text. She was curious as to who could be texting her at this time of the day. Apart from her employees, she didn’t really know anyone who could be messaging her at this hour. With sleepy eyes, she picked up her phone. The bright screen jolted her a little.

Is this a prank she thought? The message was from herself reading “WHAT EVER HAPPENS, DON’T COME!” with a location to a nearby house known as the most haunted hotel in the world. Justine was too tired to think too much about this creepy text. She fell asleep.

Justine got the next morning at five as usual and checked the phone. Who ever sent the message, sent the same message another dozen time. That hotel that the text was referring to had been abandoned for decades after a fire that killed all of the guests back in the eighties. Justine was always looking for new content ideas, so it wasn’t a bad idea to check it out on her way to her shoot this morning. Justine got her equipment ready, had a light breakfast of black coffee and got into her car. She was actually a little intrigued to explore the haunted hotel, even though she didn’t really make haunted hotel contents.

She arrived at the hotel and seemed creepy as hell she thought. She got her camera and walked over to the entrance. The front door was open and made a loud creaky noise as he pushed it. She had a couple of hours before her scheduled shoot, so she was getting a little enthusiastic to get some footages of the interior of the hotel. The foyer of the hotel had that retro charm and almost had the appearance of a functioning establishment.

Justine started filming. She would get a decent number of shots for a full episode of her daily vlog. She began talking into the camera in her usual entertaining way. Into about fifteen minutes of exploring the foyer, she tripped on the clumpy carpet hitting her head. She wasn’t sure for how long she blacked out. Her head ached like hell. She thought that was a good reason to get out when she saw something that she’s never even imagined. Ghostly figures were pacing back and forth resembling the guests, bell boys and other hotel staff. She picked up her camera and started filming.

As though she was an unwelcomed intruder, some of the ghostly figures came at her.

In desperation, Justine dropped her camera and ran around the corner to hide. She picked up her phone and texted “WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON’T COME HERE!”


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