The Last Day

Posted by David Kim on

9:00 AM

Woke up to the last sunrise on Earth. I must tell you; I’ve never seen the Sun so beautiful. Birds flew by my window as with any other morning. I wonder if they know that the world will end along with the whole Solar System, along with this galaxy at midday. I got up as usual and made myself a coffee and sat on my couch. I stared at the blank TV screen for couple of minutes then thought to myself “let’s see what other people are doing for the last three hours of everything”. I grabbed the remote and turned it on. Nothing was out of the ordinary on the news front. There was really nothing new to report. We all knew that the whole of the galaxy was going to collapse today at noon due to some star exploding or whatever. This was a known fact for the last two hundred years. After five official worldwide wars and wiping out eighty percent of Earth’s population over the disagreements of whether the science was correct or not, here we are.

I was intrigued to see what the last day on Earth, not to mention the galaxy looked like. For someone who only had hours to live, I felt good. On the news, they reported of the last war that hadn’t quite ended that started about fifty years ago. I changed the channel. I took a sip of my coffee. I love my morning coffee. It was another news show. The anchor man and woman were covering stories of how people were spending the last hours on the planet. This was interesting, so I continued watching it. I took another sip.

It seemed like a quiet morning in New Geneva. The streets were empty. I’ve been there few times; it was a cool little city. Would’ve love to have gone few more times but what are you gonna do. Next, they switched to Eurania. It wasn’t good there. But then, Eurania’s never been good. I took another sip of my coffee.

I was going to go for a walk as the sky is switched off permanently, but I decided to enjoy the show from my balcony this morning. So, I made another cup of coffee.

I really didn’t think that this day would come. I mean, the dooms day was announced over two hundred years ago, so all of us alive today were full aware of it since birth. It was one of those things that you’re told but don’t really think about. Most countries tried to do something about it like Eurania by starting bunch of wars and imposing ridiculous laws. Anyway, here we are. Few years ago, we all saw the actual evidence that the world was ending. Most of the stars disappeared, leaving the night sky pitch black.

As I sit here with my second cup of coffee, looking out to the clear sky, it was as if someone switched off the Sun. It was quite a sight! Somehow, I was still here though. Then within seconds came a sound that I’ve never heard before. It was loud. Then came the inevitable end.


I woke up to the brightest Sun in my eyes.





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