The Invasion

Posted by David Kim on

8:00 PM

No one knows exactly when they came. Some people say, they were always here. But I remember when they arrived on Earth. Those crafts appeared in the sky one morning, maybe around ten years ago, or could have been last week, I couldn’t tell you. But as I sit here transmitting possibly my last message, I must warn who ever receives this to watch out for those monsters. The scariest thing about those aliens is that they are invisible. Let me explain.

When those spaceships or what ever they were first arrived, the media around the world had a frenzy day. Everyone panicked, stocks tanked, supermarkets were all gutted out and just a general mayhem ensued. I remember that day like it was yesterday, sometimes I think, it could have been yesterday. I truly think those beings can manipulate time, our perceptions or something. For a whole day, that Thursday, or could’ve been a Sunday, everyone went crazy. It was like out of a zombie movie. The police and the military didn’t have enough bullets to stop the people losing their minds over the UFOs that just appeared in the sky. Apart from just hovering there for a day, those crafts didn’t actually do anything. The countries with nukes fired off a couple towards them which ended up badly for us. I can’t get into the details but parts of ***** and ***** is now a no-go zone for the next thousand years. They appeared above the skies in all major cities. Every country responded differently. Those countries that tried communicating with it seemed to get positive response. The crafts disappeared within hours and the people went about their business by early afternoon. AS for those nations that started shooting at it did more damage to themselves. Bigger the military response, bigger the damage they caused on themselves.

By noon, half the planet was on fire from macho dickheads trying to fight something that simply appeared. The spaceships all but disappeared by midnight leaving the planet in a state of disarray with millions dead. Well, at least, that’s how I remember it. I remember falling asleep that night, exhausted, sad and braising myself to adapt to the new world.

The next morning, I turned the TV on to see what the aftermath of the destructions we caused. My hands shook uncontrollably as I waited for the news. The first thing they mentioned was the traffic report at Down Town New Geneva. I couldn’t believe it! The most important news of the day after what we just went through the day before is the traffic report. I distinctly remember downtown New Geneva and Dante City being completely destroyed.

Was I dreaming?

I ran outside and looked up and towards the city. It was just a regular morning.

I drove to the city to see the damage for myself. It was a regular day. Did I dream everything, was I losing my mind? Though everything seemed like they were back to normal, something wasn’t right. I came to a screeching stop and looked at the people going back and forth. Something was definitely not right. The people were like ghosts. They were just mimicking people walking back and forth. I took a hold of a coming at me. He was totally unresponsive and simply continued walking with a creepy expression on his face.

I looked around, the buildings appeared a little off. In fact things were very wrong. Everything that I looked at had a holographic and fake appearance that glitched in places. I looked up into the sky and focused for few seconds. Those crafts were still there, still hovering above the city.

I can’t recall if that was ten years ago or last week.



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