The Haunting

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The Haunting

8:00 PM

Over a million people viewed our latest video The Haunting within an hour of uploading it. If I say so myself, it was our best. We actually captured an FBA, full-bodied apparition. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. At first, I thought maybe I was hallucinating as I was editing late the night before. But Kate saw the exact same thing as well. The figure was as clear as day. It was a woman dressed in what appeared to be a wedding dress. Her facial features were also clear and distinct. Most of our ghost hunting videos consisted of us overreacting at anything that we heard and saw. One time Darren, my camera guy’s fart gave me such a shock that I thought I was going to have a brain aneurism. This was something totally on another level. The woman seemed to be sad and saying something to us. We were just too bewildered to react in our usual fashion.

She floated there for a while. She was in her twenties, quite beautiful except for the fact that she looked like someone who just crawled out of the grave. Kate, my business partner held my hand tight, as she put her camera down. I kept on filming. I looked at the back screen, she was definitely visible. We have no idea how long the three of us were there looking at this ghostly woman. Eventually she disappeared like a mist.

St Michael’s was the world’s most haunted cemetery in the world. hundreds of internet ghost hunters flocked here from all around the world to capture a ghost. None of them were real and grossly exaggerated. Me and my company must be the only humans on the planet who encountered the supernatural.

We were still on cloud nine after getting over a hundred million views over the last month, morning TV appearances, book deals not to mention the countless brand deals. We made over five million dollars with one fifteen-minute video. We hired a second editor and a camera person who came from the film industry. That’s where the things started to turn for the worst.

The thing is, whilst we remembered reaping the benefits of our latest weekly video, we don’t recall leaving that cemetery that night three weeks ago. The woman was still in front of us still screaming without sound. Kate was now frightened out of her mind. Darren the camera guy seemed to be under some sort of trance as he was foaming from his mouth. I was still pointing my Nikon at the ghost. I looked around the graveyard. The entire graveyard was now full of ghostly figures surrounding us. I had no idea what we should do. Tears started to trickle down Kate’s face. It was at that point that I decided to put the camera down.

I decided that we should move, so I pulled Kate as I began to step backwards. Only few feet away, I stumbled on something. I looked down to see what it was. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There were three tombstones with our names on it.




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