The Ghost In The Room

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The Ghost In The Room

12:01 AM

I sat in this hotel room staring at the door for the better part of the night. Hotel Crescent was the talk of the internet right now. It took me almost six months to book the room 2210, the most haunted place on the planet. People captured actual full-bodied apparition that talked back. I had my camera gear ready and scanned the room intently for about three hours now. People ate this stuff up on YouTube and my channel Ghostly Vlog was getting traction now and closed three big brand deals this month. We moved out of that one-bedroom dank apartment uptown, and I can now afford to take Kate and my son Joshua on trips and live like real human beings. The only downside of my newfound lucrative career was that I was away a lot chasing the latest trend in the ghost hunting community. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the travel and the fans. Most of all I get to do whatever I want. Ten years of soul crushing job as an engineer nearly cost my marriage and my life. But here I am two years of uploading weekly videos and writing books about ghouls and ghosts is allowing me to finally live my dream life and provide for my beautiful family.

To be honest, the last twenty or places I’ve explored and recorded were nothing more than run down asylums, hospitals and mansions. It was actually pretty fun, reacting to something that’s not there. I’ve become quite the actor. The last video “Ghouls Of St Augustine” went viral and got fifty million views. That video alone earned me a million bucks. I just wish I had discovered this ten years ago than Katie wouldn’t have almost leave me twice. I still think that she has a level of resentment towards me. But we’re getting counselling and working through it.

I slept on the plane this afternoon so I wasn’t tired, but I was getting a little restless, as I really would like to capture a ghost on video tonight. But like with all the other hyped ghost sites, I guessed this one was a lot of hot gas. I got up and opened the door to get out to the hallway. Total silence. I looked to me left and right for few minutes and went back into my room.

I wasn’t to emphasise to who ever is reading this that, what I’ve encountered next is one hundred percent truth. When I walked back inside, I saw myself in a transparent ghost-like appearance just sitting there, in some sort of a trance. At first, I thought maybe I was just seeing things, or I had fallen asleep and dreaming. But this wasn’t a hallucination or a dream. The figure that resembled me had pitch black eyes and was floating few centimetres off the bed where I was sitting. It wasn’t apparent that it was aware of my presence. It just floated there.

Quickly, I grabbed the camera to turn it towards the ghostly figure. That’s when my nightmare began. The camera gear, the bed that I was sitting on and everything in the room became like a mist. My hands just sliced through everything. At that moment, I was hoping that I would simply wake up and this was all a dream. I tried to grip the doorknob; it was no use. I figured that I could walk though the wall. This time the hallway was filled with people-like figures that looked as though they were frightened and running away at my sight.



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