The Dragon Hunter

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The Dragon Hunter

It’s at times like this when I tell myself to find another vocation. The sun was setting at lightening speeds over the Red Mountain. I had about ten minutes at most before the portal closes. Getting stuck in the dragon realm was no fun. I ran for my life as my new hunt, a purple dragon flapped its massive wings with its fiery breath chasing me down the gravel road. Purple dragons were worth the most on the market. I already had a buyer lined up for this one. If everything goes well, I could have a year off or even retire from this dangerous business. This Purple dragon was a big one too. The clients paid by the pound. I dropped by favourite sword about ten miles back so piercing the heart wasn’t an option. My only plan was to get to the portal straight ahead of me. Without a warning, that purple jerk spat out a fire ball missing my head by a foot. He meant business.

I can see the portal flashing in front of me and I just needed to run through it to get home. I decided that it wasn’t a bad idea to abandon this one and just make it back in one piece. It was a handsome dragon and I was a little disappointed that I didn’t slay it and get my money but, safety was more important at this point. The sun had well and truly set behind the mountain, and I ran as fast as I can. Usually, dragons simply flew away but this seemed to take it personally that I tried to stab it in the heart.

It was a smart one too, it saw the portal and seemed to be hell bent on stop me from escaping. I felt the vortex of air caused by the giant scaley lizard wings. The portal began to close and made a leap for it. That purple massive fool grabbed my whole body as I jumped through. The gateway pulled me through with enormous force.

It was unpredictable as to exactly where the portal takes you. I lost all bearing for a minute. I was downtown in the middle of a busy street. I slowly got up, I never got used to jumping between realms. As I took my time to catch my breath, a crowd gathered around me, everyone with the same astounded expression. I didn’t think much of it at first. I saw the subway across the street and as I walked towards it, I felt the same hot breath above my head. I looked up slowly as I tilted my head up. That purple idiot followed me back to my home universe and was standing directly above me.

It was still angry and let out a big roar.

The curious crowd dispersed in all directions screaming and panicking. Cars and taxi cabs crashed into each other as the my new friend flapped its wing and hovered above the downtown area.


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