The Beast

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The Beast

Shane Watt had a cabin in the middle of nowhere. He stayed there over summer every year to get away from the city. He loved it here, it was his piece of paradise. The solitude gave him peace. He spent the mornings hiking, hunting and fishing, the afternoons, writing his next novel and screen play. His deadline was coming up in two months for a screenplay for the sequel to the film The Beast. He was paid the fee upfront. The last movie did almost a billion at the box office and played in theatres from almost a year, which was unheard of in 2022. Watt loved this life. He got to put his imagination on paper and get paid for it. It was getting late in the day when he sat at his desk with a glass of whiskey, staring at the last scene. Somehow it wasn’t working out as much as his liked. He took a sip of his whiskey and calmed his nerves. He loved writing. Even as a kid, it was the only thing that he was truly good at.

He wrote down few words on his pad to get the ball rolling. He didn’t realise that six hours had gone past and it was getting late in the night. As usual, the words came pouring out of him. he let his muse take over and he pounded on the keyboard on his old laptop. When he got in the zone, the scenes and dialogue seldom required rewrites and edits. He was in a trance as he typed away. He thought, he could even finish the story tonight and take the next two months off. Watt was on a roll.

Watt saw every word come alive as he frantically typed. The moon was full and lit up the lake and the vast greenery in front of him.

Suddenly, he saw something that he never imagined.

At first, he thought that he was just tired. He stopped typing and looked out to the lake. There was a woman, appearing naked walking towards him in a peculiar manner. Shane put his glasses on to make sure that he wasn’t seeing something that wasn’t there. He didn’t know what to do. When she was about twenty metres from the cabin, she collapsed on the ground. She then seemed to morph. At first, she contorted in a way that he has never seen before. Her head then became wolf like with furs growing all over her body. The whaling was the most shocking thing that got to him the most. She seemed to be in a tremendous pain. He was powerless.

After few minutes of the woman screaming and transforming into what appeared to be a wolf, she collapsed back on the ground. Then after few moments, she sprang up without effort.

She wasn’t quite a wolf or human. She still had the features of a woman with wolf-like head and fur all over her body. She looked around for a moment, when she sniffed in Watt’s direction. She locked eyes with him then sprang towards him like an animal.

Happy Halloween Everyone.


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