Ten Things I’m Gonna Do When The Lock Down Ends, Safely

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Sydney’s been on its second lockdown since late June. I felt like Will Smith in the movie I Am Legend. Just going to the shops to pickup groceries was a tension filled adventure. Some how I survived the last three and a half months with my sanity intact. But, something about lockdown that makes you realign your life and reflect on the past and make plans for the future. Our lockdown lasted for the entire winter and is set to end today. Now that it’s ending I have mixed emotions about going out in the world.

Over the last three months I’ve been fantasising about what I’m gonna do when the lockdown ends. Below are ten things I’m gonna do first. NB- I can do most of these from 1/12/21 when most of the restrictions are set to lift. 

1. Get a haircut: Right now I’m rocking a hair style that resembles Keane Reeves. Back in June I was in need of a freshen up when the state decided to lock everyone up suddenly. 

2. Go to McDonald’s and Kirsty Kreme: On Parramatta Road Auburn, there’s a Maccas and Krispy Kreme next to each other. I can’t drive down there and get a family box and a two dozen assorted donuts. Only then I’ll know that freedoms been restored.

3. Drive to Penrith for Five Guys Burgers: I remember going to Five Guys in New York late at night. I love their generous serving of fries. Apparently a Five Guys opened up in Penrith. Can’t wait to drive down there and gorge on that foil wrapped burger.

4. Drive to Carl’s Jr: another burger themed list. That’s right, I’m a burger fan. Just can’t wait to drive to the west and eat a Carl’s Jr burger.

5. Sleep on the beach: in December when the lockdown ends properly, I’m gonna maximise outdoor time. There’s beautiful beaches in Sydney and I’m gonna make it my life’s work to sleep on all of them.

6. Go To Luna Park: I lived in Sydney all my life and have only been to the Luna Park about 1.5 times. I’m going on all this rides like it’s my job.

7. Drive to the country: One awesome thing about living in Oz is the regional areas. I used to love just gunning it down to Bega, have a pub lunch and drive right back. 

8. Go on dates: Four months of state funded solitary confinement does a strange thing to a guy. I need to get back out on the dating scene asap.

9. Browse through shops: I really needed a toaster during the lockdown and now I can freely Waltz into a shop and browse the shelves for all my toasting needs.

10. Go to Texas: this will probably happen northern summer 2022 as I don’t do winter. I can’t wait to travel again. I miss the whole airport experience, jet lag and talking to someone in a different time zone.

Thank you for reading my list. Leave a comment below and let me know your list of things you’re planning on doing when the lock down ends in Sydney.




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