T-Shirt Versus Other Summer Tops

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T-Shirt Versus Other Summer Tops

In this segment, I’ll be putting together a case for the t-shirt and why you should be wearing only the tee this summer. Below are the battle royale between t-shirt and other ordinary tops that people were for some reason. I will be using the following criteria: versatility, comfort, wearability, expressiveness and speed. Let’s begin!

  1. T-Shirt Versus Button Shirt:

This one’s easy. You can wear the tee anytime and anywhere. You can wear it to the beach, gym, shops, literally anywhere. Where can you where the business/casual shirts, to work and maybe an interview. If you turn up to the beach or the gym people will be silently judging you and slowly backing away. Comfort: I don’t need to expand on that. T-shirt wins hands down. Wearability: again, how can the button up shirt compete against the tee. Expressiveness: The only thing you’ll be expressing whilst wearing a button shirt is that you’re holding down a job. Speed: You can rock a t-shirt in exactly 2.5 seconds. You’ll be spending hours on maintaining that button shirt: gentle cycle washing it, ironing it… you know what, it’s just too sad thinking about it. The t-shirt wins that battle by a mile. Next!

  1. Blouse

What the hell is a blouse! It’s business shirt for the ladies. Versatility: where can you rock the blouse these days? Nowhere. Comfort: How can you possibly be comfortable wearing a blouse? Everyone always say “let me get into something comfortable” while they’re wearing a blouse and get into a tee. Wearability: I’d have to give the blouse 2/10 for wearability. Expressiveness: what are you expressing in a blouse? That you’re stuck in the 80’s. Speed: Equivalent to buttoned shirts for the guys, sad.

  1. Polo Top

 What is the deal with Polo Shirts! All it does is give off dad-vibe! Not even gonna bother with this one! T-Shirt wins hands down.

  1. Sequin Top

Another highly unwearable article of clothing with a shelf-life of exactly two wears. You can only wear that to the bar, club or to the birthday dinner of that high school friend that you’ve been meaning to cut out of your life for a decade. Highly non-versatile, wearable, un-expressive. The only thing it’s got going is the comfort factor. I give it an overall score of 5/10. Ladies just grab a couple of tees from poundofwonder.com.

So, there you have it guys and girls. The t-shirt is the single freshest couture that you all should have a bunch of in your rotation. Grab a bunch from poundofwonder.com today.



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