T-Shirt Trends In 2023

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Here are the T-Shirt trends of 2023:

  1. Classic Art: You can’t go wrong with the classics like the Mona Lisa and Van gogh’s Starry Night on a tee. As you stroll down the hot pavements this summer, people will instantly know that you are cultured and street as hell. The classics are eternal for a reason. They are timeless works that capture the masses even if you don’t have any knowledge of the context of the work. At poundofwonder.com, I always pay tributes to the classics and arts.



  1. Graphics Of Mundane Objects: It’s the mundane things that makes the world an interesting place. For instance, a picture of a milkshake or a slice of pizza without any text on a tee gives it a sense of mystery and intrigue. When you’re wearing a graphic shirt from poundofwonder.com on the train or a bus, on your way to the beach, people will be wondering as to why there is a pixelated image of a pizza or a UFO on your tee.



  1. Bold Colours: Why just wear black or white tees when you can rock other awesome colours like baby pink, aqua or ocean blue. Wear tees with popping colours this summer with one-of-a-kind graphics from poundofwonder.com



  1. The heart graphic is a universal symbol instantly recognised all over the world. it represents, empathy, strength, humanity and warmth. Pound Of Wonder has a selection of heart graphic tees for all.


  1. Vintage Poster Graphics: There’s something about vintage posters that has stood the test of time and has a sense of endearment. Back in the day, everything was done by hand from, drawing the graphics to cutting and pasting to printing. The analogue methods of yester year must not be forgotten in this digital age.


  1. I (Artificial Intelligence) Generated Art: I’m particularly excited about this one. A.I is at a stage where a robot can generate a beautiful art in an instant. Pound Of Wonder is going all in on A.I generated art in 2023 so keep your eye out for these in the coming months.


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