Supers Inc Ep 2 - Meet Hammer Fist

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Thursday 2:38 PM


Hell hasn’t seen a day like this. The Statue of Freedom floated in pieces in the New Geneva Harbor. Most buildings in the city took massive hits and were either burning or crumbling to the ground. All of this damage occurred in a matter of an hour. Only God knew how many citizens of New Geneva were dead, all twenty five million of them. They had no chance, not even the members of the Supers Inc.

Those who weren’t yet dead and had the use of their fingers desperately went on the Supers Inc app to contact any super they could. It was of no use. Hundreds of dark figures in tactical gear appeared out of nowhere, in the sky and ground with their gnarly looking vehicles opened fire on anything in sight. Thick toxic smoke blankets the entire city. It was apocalypse.

On the 28th Street was the headquarters of the Supers Inc, short for Super Heroes Incorporated. The HQ was a awesome sky scraper towering over the city with its five hundred meter height and seventy meter width. It was a battle station ready for the next world war. But not today, it was a dead stick.

On the north east corner of the HQ, a hundred meters up from the street level was a massive gaping hole where this men dressed like battle ants shot their way through. Their attack was swift, efficient and deadly. Inside HQ, it’s vast array of hallways, hangar, R n D lab were all void of life and only flickering with dark blue light powered by the emergency generator. Hundred men made their way into the HQ via the gaping hole all seemingly hovering and manoeuvring in mid air in high speeds, all armed to the teeth. 

The floors were scattered with employees and Supers on the company. Every darkly dressed men seemed to know exactly where they needed to go. 

Jonathan Harrington sat at his kitchen table looking at the back of his wife Sarah making breakfast. Gentle morning light came peering through the red checkered drapes. Harrington couldn’t remember the last time he spent the morning with Sarah. She was a good woman.

Sarah gently turned around and put a cup of coffee in front of Harrington as she gave him a warm smile. Jonathan took a little sip. It was good. At that moment, he heard muffled voices of men. He couldn’t make out what the voices were saying. The murmuring became louder but still remained intelligible. Sarah’s warm smile disappeared. 

“Hammer Fist, get up and fight” Sarah said

Harrington was confused.

”S, Sarah, what did you say?”

”Hammer Fist! Get up!” Sarah screamed.

Jonathan opened his eyes. He was strapped to a metal chair. A dozen men in the same dark gear surrounded him. It took Harrington a few moments to realise what was happening. 

Harrington scanned the room as he gained consciousness.

”Water” He said

On of the men punched Harrington without a warning.

As Harrington willed himself from not swallowing his tongue, a man in the back of the room dressed in a black suit and combat boots yelled: 

“Hold it! Are you mad?!” 

Black suit man grabbed a water bottle next to him and brought it to Harrington. He wasn’t wearing a mask, in his forties and resembled an insurance salesman with his slicked hair. 

“This here is Jonathan Harrington aka Hammer Fist gentlemen. He could end all of us in this building if he so chooses. Please treat him with a great deal of respect and care”

Hammer Fist. That was the second time he was hearing that name. Sarah called him that in his dream and now this mystery man and his band of goons. For the life of him, Harrington couldn’t recognise it.





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