Superhero Incorporated Episode 4: Hyper Girl And Ninja Rabbit

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Superhero Incorporated Episode 4

Meet Hyper Girl and Ninja Rabbit


Another day in New Geneva. Most of the members of Hero Inc were up state fighting a battle that the management didn’t care to get into right now. Hyper girl was on standby and chilling out in the cafeteria when she was called in for duty. She dressed in the freshly pressed outfit and put her luck charm, pink fluffy rabbit around her neck, and made her way to the roof to get a lift to the scene. As the chopper gained air Hyper Girl saw something she’s never seen in all of her eighteen months as a member of Superhero Incorporated: New Geneva Division. It was a giant eyeball with what appeared to be chicken drumsticks for legs. Standing at about a hundred metres tall it was quite a sight. Police and military choppers buzzed around it like flies. Hyper Girl wasn’t sure how she could tackle this one. The giant eyeball had two awkward human arms sticking out of it from the front just grabbing anything that it could and throwing it in all directions and making a big mess of downtown. This was at least a four-man job Hyper Girl thought.

As if the giant eyeball with freaky arms and legs weren’t enough of a problem, the thirty-metre pupil began to light up. Hyper Girl closed her eyes and prayed that it couldn’t shoot laser beams. Please God, no laser beams, she said under her breath. The eye shot a giant orange beam from its pupil that came towards Hyper Girl’s chopper at light speed taking out the top rotor. The laser was so powerful that the rotor just vaporised. The chopper hung in mid air for two seconds before its trajectory changed drastically towards the 13th Street Mall below. Sam the pilot jumped out and landed on top of an apartment building. He looked up with his thumbs up. This was just a part time gig, Hyper Girl thought a little crossed. The chopper was headed straight down to her favourite mall. This was not a good day. In exactly five seconds her favourite mall would be up in flames. She had to go hyper. Her powers were quite ambiguous and unpredictable and that was the reason why she was always on standby duties. She didn’t have super strength, speed or and laser beam eyes. The power she possessed was some what of an oddity even to the other members of Hero Inc.

As the thirty-million-dollar chopper fell and few seconds away from a certain death, all Hyper Girl could think about was the fact that her review was coming up and she needed to do something special to impress her bosses. The chopper was exactly one point five seconds a way from crashing into Tommy Burger and that was heart breaking. She really liked their fries. She needed to do something and time was running out. She could see the diners staring out to her with horror on their faces. She was out of time, now was the time to do something, anything. As the chopper looked like it was going to crash into the Burger place, it simply disappeared. Hyper Girl however crashed through the window and tumbled some twenty metres like a rag doll only to be stopped by the counter.

A hundred metres away, the giant ball was still doing its thing, wreaking havoc and making a big mess. Right in front of the eyeball, the helicopter that Hyper Girl was riding in with missing top rotor appeared and crashed into it like a bullet through a bowl of jelly. The cartoony giant eyeball now looked bloody and resembled something out of a horror movie. It wasn’t enough to neutralise it as it was simply too big. The eye was leaking fluids and blood all over the poor people below and seemed to be getting madder and stronger. It was going increasingly more ballistic.

Meanwhile, back Tommy Burger, Hyper Girl was still out like a light bulb. The diners tried to shake her up but was of no avail.

The eyeball wanted blood. Its chicken legs stomped on anything below and didn’t care what it crushed. The shots from the police tactical team had no effect on it. New Geneva was having a bad day.

The awkward arms swung back and forth smashing glass, concrete and steel, with thousands of debris raining down onto the citizens of New Geneva below. A woman abandoned the stroller and manically ran holding her baby. She stopped just in time to dodge a cab that zoomed past her. She looked up to see steel beams and massive chunks of a building falling towards her. She clenched her eyes shut and prepared herself for the inevitable. Out of nowhere a figure appeared out of thin air shielded the woman and her baby from the falling debris. It was a pink cartoony rabbit in a black ninja outfit. The woman was thankful and shocked simultaneously. It was a seven foot pink rabbit in a ninja outfit complete with katanas and other ninja stuff on him. The woman could only assume that it was a male rabbit. She couldn’t help but keep looking at the giant, muscular, pink bunny rabbit that saved her life. He was an impressive looking rabbit. By the time they shared the little moment, the eyeball had moved further downtown in its path of destruction.

“Mam, please take cover” The rabbit said in a kind, deep voice.

The ninja rabbit then tore off its sleeves and sprinted towards the eyeball…



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