Superhero Inc Episode 6 – Little Timmy

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Little Timmy was one of the biggest fans of the Supers Inc. His favourite member was Mr Wonderful. He came to Timmy’s hospital ward last summer after he’d won a contest online. Timmy was over the moon when he had a photo taken with Mr Wonderful with millions of people watching all over the world on TV and the internet. Timmy even got to ride in the jet and do a flyover over New Geneva. The nine-year-old was hooked up to a breathing machine and his doctors advised his parents that he won’t be able to have any more visitors like Mr Wonderful to take him on wild rides.

Timmy had the TV on and saw an ad for the Supers Inc come on. He wished he was a superhero and not dying on a hospital bed of a slow and painful death. Timmy thought about the times when he used to play all sorts of sports and games with his friends. He was an outgoing seven-year-old when he collapsed without warning. He didn’t understand what the doctors were telling his frantic parents as he laid in the scary hospital bed struggling to breathe and not throw up. All Timmy knew was that he didn’t have long to live. All he wanted to do was to be part of the Supers team. It started snowing outside. Timmy was sad that he won’t be able to follow the Supers Inc on social media watch them save the world. Tears began to trickle down his gaunt face. It was painful to breathe.

Every night, around this time the kind night nurse came to his room to give him two tablets that helped him to sleep. He was sad that he needed to take medicine to sleep. Without it, he would have terrible headaches and be sick all night. He sat up to take the tablets and laid back down. He wondered what Mr Wonderful was doing right now, fighting some fantastic monster in orbit or saving the world he bet.

Timmy became increasingly sleepy. He was at his best when he was sleeping. The medicine allowed him to dream awesome dreams. Last night, he dreamt that he was Mr Wonderful’s sidekick and they went up in orbit to fight a giant robot and saved New Geneva.

The night nurse watched Timmy fall asleep and turned the TV off and the light off as she exited the room.

As the nurse closed the door behind her, two figures appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The room was lit only enough by the moon in the sky for only the outline of the figures to be seen. They stood at the foot of Timmy’s bed and watched him intently.  It was a figure of a large man and a woman. They stood there for about two minutes before disappearing. Timmy disappeared into thin air with them.




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