Super Heroes Incorporated Episode 3: Mr Wonderful.

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Thursday 2PM

Mister Wonderful’s jet spiraled out of control above the streets of New Geneva. The joystick, throttle, everything on the consoles were completely unresponsive. This jet was the most cutting edge and expensive piece of equipment that the Supers Inc possessed. It took all of Mr Wonderful’s charm and connection in the company to use this protype tool today. Dr Jones was going to be mad as hell if he crashes it. Dr Jones is in charge of research and development and the equipment. She was as ferocious as she was beautiful, Mr Wonderful thought. It took a second or two and a several hundreds of rounds of what ever was turning this reverse-engineered alien tech into a Swiss cheese to realise that he has finally met his match.

As he descended to the streets of Down Town New Geneve at not quite the speed of sound, he made a final attempt to speak to the jet. The A.I on this fighter plane was so advanced that Dr Jones deemed it to have a soul. But today, it didn’t speak, it was dead. The screens on the dash and the holographic controls were all but glitchy and useless. Mr Wonderful looked down, he must have been about five thousand feet above the ground. If this thing hits the ground half the city block would go up in smokes not to mention his ratings and reviews on the internet. He came highly recommended by the city for any crisis and was the employee of the month in the Supers Inc for the past six months straight. He could just imagine the news tonight “Mr Wonderful’s Reign Of Awesomeness Ends”.

Who was this guy shooting at him? Even the ejection lever was dead. Mr Wonderful unclipped the safety belt and tried to push the hatch open. It was sealed tight. He was gaining speed as he fell straight for the busy intersection below. He could see the hundreds of pedestrians and cars buzzing past each other like ants. As he readied himself for the inevitable, the jet came to life and crashed into what he was hoping to be an empty skyscraper that was under construction. The exotic outer skin of the jet cut through the steel beams like butter. Mr Wonderful prayed to who ever was listening that he would stop soon. That black shadowy thing that he encountered in orbit followed him though the large hole in the building and relentlessly continued shooting at him. He was starting to get mad. Mr Wonderful was mad now. He was out of options and out of room. By some divine intervention, the jet exploded like a firecracker and disintegrated. No innocent citizens of New Geneva dies today Mr Wonderful thought.

The hero was propelled out of the jet like a rag doll. Mr Wonderful was knocked out by the blast and his cape was on fire as he ejected out of the plane and the building. That god damned black translucent thing followed him down as Mr Wonderful fell to his inevitable death, unconscious and on fire. Somehow, like in every movie villain fashion, the black blob was missing every shot.  

By a miracle, suddenly, Mr Wonderful’s cape opened like a parachute, slowing him down significantly. He was only a hundred meters above the street when he gained consciousness and landed on top of a apartment building in the classic superhero landing, on one knee and the opposite hand on the floor for balance. It would’ve earned him a solid nine out of ten at the Super Heroes Olympics. It was a thing, that’s right. 

His beautiful burnt orange cape was now just charred and nasty looking. He was angry, very angry. Mr Wonderful was ready for blood. That wasn’t his style. He was more like a one man rescue squad than a killer. That was Hammer Fist's job who beat people up, he had anger issues. He sure could have used Hammer Fist’s help right now but he resigned two weeks ago after the tragic death of his wife. The company was going through some stuff right now. The public approval rating was at all time low, for reasons that Mr Wonderful cared not to think about right now.

He detached the badly damaged cape off his neck and scanned the sky for that black blob. He tucked up his gloves and rolled up his sleeves. He was ready for a fight. The black blob seemed to come in and out of his vision. For some reason, it stopped shooting. In the distance, he could hear sirens of fire trucks and police cars, no doubt, coming for the big mess he and this misty pest made. As far as he knew, no one got hurt, yet, He could hear the crowd yelling in horror. Mr Wonderful didn’t bring any weapons for this one. It was meant to be a quick fly by into orbit to investigate an “anomaly” that always turned out to be  a malfunctioning satellite.

“Come on!” Mr wonderful yelled.

The black mist reappeared and landed in front of him. For reasons unbeknownst to him, he wasn’t getting shot at any longer. The mist lifted. It was a figure of a woman. The assassin woman. 

“It’s you!” Mr Wonderful said enraged.

Mr Wonderful could really use Hamer Fist’s help right now. Last time he encountered this woman dressed in all black, half his crew were wiped out. Mr Wonderful clenched his fists but knew that this wasn’t going to end well for him. Speaking of his crew, he sure could use Kronora's help, but she was on vacation. Was anyone working today he wondered. 

The woman in black slowly approached Mr Wonderful. The true identity of her was unknown. The only thing know about this woman was that she was a freelancer and worked for the highest bidder.

Whatever the reason was, he needed to get out of this situation. This woman was a cold bloody killer. Mr Wonderful has never met this woman in person. He’s only seen blurry photos of her during briefings. She was in her mid thirties but dared not to say that to her face as she approached him with a katana in her right hand.

She was beautiful and athletic, obviously from all the flying and jumping and killing, she could not be anything but athletic, Mr Wonderful thought. He couldn’t hit a woman, that wasn’t his style. He knew that this woman who didn’t even have a code name could kick his ass but the thought of hitting a woman was beyond his comprehension. Regardless, Mr Wonderful got his fists ready for a brawl. The woman started swinging her sword in a stylistic martial arts fashion as she approached. Mr Wonderful thought about jumping off the building but he didn’t have his cape and he would break every one of his bones at this height. He decided to take his chances with this sword wielding assassin woman. 

Mr Wonderful got into the standard non-armed combat position but expected the worst. Literally, out of nowhere, Kronora appeared and kicked the sword out of the woman’s hand and performed some of the most beautiful martial arts move that he’s never seen her do on another human being. The woman in black was knocked to the ground then swiftly sprang back up like in the movies and the two engaged in a fight that resembled a beautiful dance. He never knew that Kronora could fight, especially like that. Like a stunt person.

Kronora eventually overpowered the woman in black tights and she became a mist again then disappeared.

“Am I glad to see you!” Mr Wonderful said

“Well, can’t say I’m happy to see you, I can’t have a week off without something going down!”

“How did you know?”

“You still don’t know what my powers are do you?” Kronora said nonchalantly.

Before Mr Wonderful could answer, Kronora disappeared. He took off his gloves and sat on the ground with a smile as the fire crew and paramedics crashed through the door on the roof and rushed towards him.


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