Sunny Day

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Sunny Day

 Thursday 9:00 AM

Cathy woke up with a hell of a headache. She had no idea how she got here. The eighteen-year-old scanned the room. She was shocked to find herself in what appeared to be a hospital emergency room. Her whole body hurt, and she touched her body to see if there were any broken bones. Nothing was wrong with her apart from the headache. She always hated hospitals. She found them creepy. Cathy especially hated the place after her mother died of cancer two years ago.

Catherine swiftly took off the patient’s gown and put on her jeans and t-shirt. She just wanted to get out of here. At least it was a sunny morning she thought to herself. It had been raining non-stop for days. She picked up her watch and checked the time as she put it on her wrist. For the life of her, she had no idea how he got here. When she finished dressing, she parted the curtains around her bed. Something wasn’t quite right. There were no one around. The creepy hospital, bleach smell didn’t leave her. Cathy saw the exit from the emergency room about fifteen meters directly ahead. She noticed that the all the equipment were beeping around her in the room, but she didn’t see, not one patient, doctor or anyone. She wasn’t too concerned with that. Her only concern was to get out of here.

She ran out into the foyer. It was same out here. Not one person.

Catherine walked outside. The warm sun felt good on her skin. She felt alive again. She was in the middle of the city. Again, she had no idea how she ended up in a hospital in the city. But what she did know was that there is a cool café two minutes down the street that always had fresh, croissants in the morning. She started walking in the direction of the pastry. It took her a minute, but she noticed that there wasn’t one person on the street either, not one car, not one pedestrian. She was sure that she’ll start to see people. She was too hungry to worry too much about that now. She was also in need of coffee. She needed to solve the mystery of how she got to a hospital. She needed sustenance.

The cool breeze and the hot sun felt good as she powerwalked towards breakfast. She could smell the coffee and the croissants. There it was, across the street, her favourite café in the city, possibly in the world. she still noticed that there weren’t any cars on the street. She carefully crossed and entered heaven. The peculiarity continued in the coffee shop.

Not one person. The weird thing was that she could smell the coffee and the food but not one person was in the café. It was as if everyone just left suddenly. There was a fresh croissant on the counter, so she picked it up and took a bite.

Cathy went outside to have a close look to see what is happening. Everything was normal except for the fact that there wasn’t anyone around.



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