Summer 23/24 To Do List #1 Beach

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Summer 23/24 To Do List

#1 Beach

The long, cold winter finally ended. The sun rises slightly earlier in the morning and sets a little later now. This is my favourite time of the year as the temperature begins to rise by a degree everyday and the day light gets longer day by day, I can’t help but make summer plans for the next six months. This is no different. There’s no beach like Bondi in summer in Sydney. The feeling you get as you drive down Campbell Parade with the Pacific Ocean in the backdrop is something you have to experience for yourself. Summer in Sydney is like no other place on Earth. I’ve been to beaches in America and Europe and I have to say whilst they’re nice, they don’t compare to Bondi. And it has to be Bondi, something about that particular spot that makes it special. When you get to the bend few metres from the beach, my main concern is to find parking cos I’m not the only one with the idea of hitting the sand and waves.

The feeling of getting out of the car with the sea hot breeze hitting your face is something else. The vibe is just amazing and makes you know that you’re alive. Then you step on the hot sand and waddle through the countless people and find your perfect spot. It’s a ritual that I’ve been practicing all my life. Sometimes, when I’m laying down on the sand looking up at the cloudless sky, I think to myself, how the whole going to the beach began. I would imagine a cave man just chilling out on the sand after having a great day of hunting.

It’s like the beach has some sort of life force that heals and regenerates you. After a couple of sessions of dipping in the water and drying off on the sand. I end the beach day with a burger at one of the many great shops. It’s my religion, my way of life. It’s September now and in a month’s time, the daylight saving will start and the summer months will officially get underway.

This summer, I’ll vlog the beach day and share it with you all. Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel Pound Of Wonder for weekly vlogs and videos coming later this month.

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk you tomorrow.


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