Subliminal Chapter 1.2

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Chapter 1.2

The John Doe was ready for anything. He could hear a dozen combat boots stomping up the stairs. The stomps came to a sudden halt behind the door. The eyes in the jars turned their attention to the door as if being controlled by the body. The door opened slowly. The eyes saw rifles peer through. Who ever they were, meant business. The men in black tactical gear got into position and set off smoke bombs. The eyes could see green laser beams searching for their targets. One beam locked on to the jars and without hesitation took two shots shattering the glass and spilling its contents all over the white floor. Momentarily, the body jolted and convulsed in pain. He was still bound by the cuffs around his wrists and ankles. The body then seemed to calm itself down and relaxed. His vision came back. It was a vision of one of the men in the tactical gear.

The body scanned around the room. He saw himself to his right. In front of him were about five men approaching the body. He looked down at the weapon and ensured that the safety was off. The display on the rifle indicated that it was fully loaded. Within exactly two seconds, he gunned down all five men in front of him. Then the vision went dead again. He possessed another man in black gear. The body saw the first man he hijacked on the floor bleeding out from his head and twitching uncontrollably. The men looked at each other and pointed their weapons. After few moments, one man signalled the remaining men to proceed. The body took its time and followed the men from behind. The man who appeared to be the leader took aim at the body’s head at point blank range. The hijacked man in black gunned down all of the men in the room in under a second, leaving only the leader.

“Untidy me now” the hijacked tactical man said calmly pointing his weapon squarely at the remaining man.

The leader put his rifle down on the floor and took out a little from his belt and began cutting the metal cuffs. A red laser melted the chains like cheese. The body continued laying on the metallic bed, motionless.

“OK man, take it slow now” The leader said nervously.

The hijacked man took two shots, one to the head and another to the neck. He knew that the rest of the body was well armoured. The leader dropped to the floor with a heavy thud. The white tiled floor was now a pool of blood. The hijacked body helped the body up. He took pants and boots off from one of the dead men and handed to the body. The two turned around and walked slowly towards the door. The body picked unholstered a pistol from one of the dead tactical men. He was ready for more violent confrontation outside the door. The hijacked body slowly walked through the door. Without mercy, countless rounds of machine gun shots made a mince meat of the man. The body lost his vision again.


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