Subliminal Chapter 1.1

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Chapter 1.1

In an undisclosed room of an undisclosed floor of an undisclosed location in Dante City laid a man on a stainless-steel autopsy table. Fresh stitches ran up the chest with blood and pus flowing from the seams. There were no signs of life in the cold naked body. His wrists and ankles were bound by metallic cuffs. A white blood-soaked bandage was wrapped around his eyes. Few metres to his left on a bench were two glass jars with his eyes, surgically removed, in each suspended in clear fluid. The room was brightly lit with sterile white walls, ceiling and floors. Slight smell of bleach lingered in the air. Completely aseptic, nothing could live in the room. To the left of the body was a large mirror, extending out to the edges of the entire wall. The eyes in the jars, dilated and contracted trying to focus on their surroundings. The body was of a man, forties, lean and sinewy. One could almost see through his drained, pale translucent skin. There were bullet wounds on his left arm, right side of the neck and stomach. They really wanted this man dead and did a good job of accomplishing that goal. The eyes kept on twitching focussing in and out. The lifeless body simply laid there on the metal bed. Despite the missing eyes, void of all life and bound like dangerous criminal on a morgue table, the body seemed at peace, dreaming a sweet dream in a far away place. The eyes increased the frantic movements moving around the jars now like demented fish. The bloody, bandaged up head gave a sudden jerk like it was hit with a jolt of lightening.

His arms gave the same kind of uncontrolled jerking motion, slowly and laboured and first then the whole body took a life of its own. The head was now moving in the same direction as the eyes as though it could see through them. Colour started to come back to the whole body as if God breathed life into it. At first it was like a newborn infant, shaking and twitching in unrestrained movements. The cuffs did their job of keeping him bound to the bed. After few minutes the body had more control of itself as the head turned purposefully in unison with the eyes in the jars. The arms and ankles stopped their convulsive motions, and it was as if it figured out that it was bound. The skin appeared to be fleshier and more alive now, the bullet wounds closed rapidly and scabbed over in minutes.

The mouth took a deep breath and let it out. The blue-black veins seemed to be being pumped with red hot blood by an invisible force. The vengeful heart started beating and lungs were filled to power and grunt. The bright white room was now lit in a dim red light with the emergency siren blaring. The body was now muscular, powerful and ready.




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