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The following is a work of fiction. 


A dozen men in yellow hazmat suits surrounded him pointing their Strix-25 pulse rifles. Adrenaline pumped through their veins like a jolt of electricity. Agent Jonson stood at the front of the men dressed in the same yellow biohazard suit awaiting further instruction through his earpiece. His heart pounded like a jack hammer. He was only promoted to captain of his unit a week ago, only because Mr Jonson Senior was in the high management of Supers Incorporated. The thirty-year-old liked the idea of being an action man more than dealing with rogue assets gone haywire on a Saturday night. His whole body trembled uncontrollably as he desperately held his position in front of the man they called “Head Case”. Head Case’s eyes were bandaged up in a bloody cloth. He wouldn’t be so afraid had he have not witnessed what this sinewy, muscular patient from St. Michael’s can do. No training could have prepared him for this moment. He knew that his life was in mortal danger. Head Case didn’t look much more than a man dressed in a hospital gown and black pants that he tore off the dead doctor that was monitoring his status for the last two days. He didn’t believe them when they told him that he possessed unnatural ability to get inside another person’s head.

Agent Jonson’s unit was assigned to bring in the Head Case unharmed. It was an impossible task. The night sky of Dante City was filled with fire, smoke and chaos, all caused by the Head Case. Sirens of ambulance and screams of people echoed throughout the city. Agent Jonson hadn’t heard from the headquarters in what seemed like an eternity. All he knew was that he needed back up, he needed other assets of Supers Inc to end this mayhem. His heart sank when the Head Case took a step forward. Suddenly the soul-less muffled voice came through his earpiece. “Open fire, I repeat, open fire”.

He jolted up from a terrible nightmare. His eyes felt hot, throbbing and trickled down with fluid. Nervously he put his hands on his bandaged eyes. To his horror, it was blood. He felt around his surroundings. His left forearm was strapped to what felt like a hospital bed. After few minutes, he could see the room despite having his eyes being ripped out. He screamed in a fit of rage. With a powerful jerk, he ripped off the leather tether. What he was seeing was more perceptive than the sight he lost. He could see around corners and everything that was happening in all directions. His hearing was also superhuman. He dropped to the floor like a newborn animal. He was naked except for the gown that someone had put on him. He could see several people running towards him from all directions, through the walls. It was hard to explain how he could see lab technicians and doctors rushing towards him from different rooms and floors. It was as if he was having an out of body experience. A man rushed into the room holding a syringe and lunged at him without hesitation. At that exact moment, the Head Case manoeuvred himself to dodge the syringe and with one sweeping motion knocked the technician unconscious. He didn’t know if he was dead or not. He didn’t have time to check. He quickly took the unconscious man’s pants and put them on. As he was putting on the pants, a hell fire of bullets came showering into his room. He jumped through the window and decided to deal with the consequences in a few seconds.

Within seconds, several men came crashing into the room dressed in yellow biohazard suit all holding automatic rifles. One of them rushed to the hole where the window used to be and looked down. The Head Case laid on the ground below, motionless, blood splatters surrounding him. The man in the suit looked at him for a moment praying that he was dead. After about ten seconds, the man in the gown sprang up like a deer and bolted towards the front gate.

“Head Case is on the loose, I repeat, Head Case is on the loose, he’s east bound towards the front gate! All units activate!”

Dan was doing the midnight shift tonight. He waited intently for the best part of the last three hours for the new body to be delivered. As expected, he saw two figures in the monitor wheeling a body bag. He quickly went to the foyer of the morgue to sign off on the delivery. He carefully brought the body down to the basement. He took a deep breath and unzipped the bag. It was him, Head Case, his lifeless body, blue and cold, eyes closed. He couldn’t believe that he had the Head Case in his possession. He was going to have a big pay day. Ten million dollars could change his life. The sheer thought of moving out of this hellish city was worth the risk. He picked up his phone “It’s here, I got Head Case, get over here quickly… and don’t forget my money” Dan said assertively.

He sat down at his desk and took out a bottle from under his desk. He opened it and took a big gulp. He prayed that everything goes smoothly. He put the bottle down on his old desk and walked over to Head Case’s body. He carefully touched the Head Case’s forehead. It was cold as ice.

Suddenly the Head Case opened his eyes. That’s when Dan knew that his life was over. The naked body jumped out of the bag effortlessly and took a grab of the morgue technician’s head, twisted until he heard a nasty crack.




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