Spaceship Earth

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Spaceship Earth (Working Title)

It’s been two years since those crafts have been appearing and filled the skies all over the world. It was quite a sight. Naturally the world’s military was on high alert and two countries had already fired nukes at them without success. Worldwide curfew has been imposed everyone on Earth, the kind of curfew that eclipsed 2020. Looting began, crime rate rose, martial law was the mode of control for most countries. New religions rose over night, most of them crazy cults. They must have destroyed all of the satellites, as we lost all forms of communications. It was hard to see what those UFOs looked like exactly. They must have been parked between us and the moon, which we haven’t seen in a month. Tides stopped, it was as if they can control the gravity.

The two countries (which I can’t name here) that kept on firing their nukes at them were the ones to be attacked first by the crafts. It was like an elephant stomping on an ant. Eventually those spaceships littered the skies covering the stars and eventually the sunlight was dimmed. It was end of times.

Eventually one of them slowly made its way inside our atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean. It was unimaginable. We all braced ourselves for a massive tsunami which never came. Again, it just floated there for days without doing anything. Again, countries attacked it. Again, they were all obliterated. People living in the southern hemisphere could see a massive silver structure like a mountain to the east. What ever they were, had power that we couldn’t dream of competing with. I prayed that they were just passing by and saw us as insignificant insects and simply move on. But that wasn’t to be. They remained. That massive silver ship over the ocean simply hovered there without any sign of communication.

After a while, all communications were back to normal. People began to talk to each other. Those two countries that attacked the crafts were indeed obliterated. The land was simply a crater, and sea water had already filled it. We called those two new bodies of water, New Red Sea and Silver Sea. Eventually, things went back to normal. Curfews were lifted and people began to carry on as normal. Some of the crafts began to disappear. Now only a handful of them remained in the sky and we all saw the sun and blue sky again. The one over the Pacific Ocean remained though for another month. It was as if they came to teach us a lesson.

Eventually, they all disappeared except the one staring at us.

Nervously, we all carried on with our lives. The world’s navy that was on standby under the craft all retreated and pulled back. Only then, the craft slowly lifted into the sky and disappeared into the night sky.

It’s been a year since those spaceships had all gone. I can’t help but think that they came here to teach about our wrongful ways. Since their visit, I’ve noticed that violence had died down around the world and more countries were getting involved in humanitarian activities.  



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