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It was all a misunderstanding. But nothing matters more now than fleeing the  armed men running up the stairs all on intent on exterminating her. Sophie’s heart pounded like a sledgehammer. The nineteen-year-old was her way home from late night shift at the diner when she saw darkly dressed men trailing her. The city wasn’t a safe place especially alone females without high social credits and connections. Her parents warned her to no move the Delta City and help them with their farm work. But she wanted to experience the big city life. She enrolled in a design school and got a job as a waitress. She was finally living her dream, until now.

Sophie was afraid but her parents taught her what to do in situations like this. She saw that these men weren’t just street punks. They were dressed in black suits and were all armed. She stopped for few seconds and gathered her thoughts. She noticed that there was a flickering neon sign for a hotel. She came up with a quick plan. She then opened her eyes, took a deep breath and sprinted inside.

“Proceed with caution” She heard one of them say calmly.

She ran up the stairway. It was a six-story building and Sophie knew that it was full of shady characters who mainly kept to themselves. Three men followed. The other three ran around to the back of the building. Sophie reached the top floor. She kicked the door to the roof and went outside. Silence. But she knew she wouldn’t be alone for too long.

“Sophie” a calm voice of a man called to her from behind. “You need to come with us quietly, you can’t be doing this. You’re a danger to yourself and the world.”

She recognised that voice but couldn’t put a finger on it. She remained still as she heard him come closer. The man gently grabbed her left hand as she heard metallic clang of handcuffs. As if she was possessed by someone else, she immediately slapped the handcuffs away and with an efficient motion she punched the man in the throat, followed by a leg swipe that knocked him to the damp ground. She then took a grab of his gun and shot him in the forehead point blank.

“All units, proceed to the roof! The suspect is armed and extremely dangerous!” She heard a mean sounding voice out of the dead man’s radio

She rushed to the edge of the roof and looked down. The whole block was littered with heavily armed men, getting in formation. Sophie wasn’t herself no longer. She picked up the dead man like a rag doll and threw him off the edge. Suddenly a helicopter came out nowhere and opened fire. She took a hit to her left arm severing it.

Then a digital message popped up in her vision like some sort of a heads-up display saying “CRITICAL DAMAGE TO LEFT ARM, OVERALL FUNCTION: NORMAL”





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