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Uncharted part of space. Point of no return. Earth is long gone.

Humankind’s last glimmer of hope were contained in the hundred shuttles gliding through the dark, cold and empty vacuum. Each of the shuttles carried a thousand inhabitants of Earth chosen at random. When the shuttles left Earth approximately two years ago, the planet was no longer in habitable. Countless nuke attacks caused fallouts all over the world and many perished. An international exit program was formed, and people were selected at random regardless of age, race and financial status.

The eight-year-old Sarah was the only one chosen in her family. She remembers when she was taken to the facility where she was medically checked and given various jabs. The scientists were nice to her. She remembers being taken to her chamber where she was told that she will take a short nap and wake in a new world where she would make new friends and go on hikes in the mountains. Sarah was sad to leave her family behind but was excited to go to a new home where she could play outside.

The twenty-year-old Sarah barely got away from one of the monsters. She thanked God that she wasn’t bitten. A bite from the insect like creatures meant something worse than death.  She was out of ammunition but had her trusty bat. She wasn’t sure if Billy made it out of the loading dock. She needed to get to the coms room to warn the next ship that her ship was compromised. The next ship was a million kilometres away. She prayed that no other shuttle was attacked.

Battered and tired, Sarah pushed on towards the coms room. Suddenly the insectoid came out of nowhere biting her arm, deep. The pain was the least of her worries. She knew the consequences of a bite from these creatures. She soon became sleepy. With the last ounce of strength, she swung her bat at the creature. She clocked it dead on the head, but it had no effect. She fell heavily to the cold metal floor.

The eight-year-old Sarah stood on a beach. Bunch of kids her age were playing chase in front of her. They were calling to her to come join them. It was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky and the white waves were breaking on the sand. She gathered that they must have arrived on the new home planet. She ran towards her new family.



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