Saturday Night At The Movies

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The following is a work of fiction.

Saturday Night At The Movies

I really loved going to the movies on Saturday nights. Sure, there are countless movies that I can watch on the fly on the phone or TV at home, but something about buying the ticket, getting the snacks and sitting through the ads and trailers that made the whole experience fun. I’ve been meaning to watch this one for a while: The Slasher 2. I’m not really into horror movies, but I heard good things about this one, so I thought I give it a go. I looked around as the trailers started. One thing I found peculiar was that I seemed to be the only one in the theatre. I didn’t think much of it as I continued eating the pop corn and washing it down with the soft drink. I really enjoyed the whole experience of eating junk food and escaping reality for couple of hours. The ad that was playing was for the pizza shop in the food court.

Then suddenly, something very weird happened. The movie just abruptly started and was right in the middle of the action, no beginning credits, no build up, just a crazy first scene, where a girl was being chased by the slasher, covered in blood. I thought for a second, maybe, that’s the new concept. The thing is, the ad for the pizza shop hadn’t even finished. It just cut to the movie without warning. I continued watching. Immediately, my adrenaline shot up as I shoved a mouthful of popcorn. It was great. I really liked the last one, scared the hell out of me. The girl character was barely getting away in every shot as the Slasher toyed with her. But this character seemed to be smarter than the ones from the last movie. She managed to get away from the creepy house and she ran down the street. Maybe this one might get away I thought as I gulped the drink.

The street she was running down looked familiar.

It was the same street where my movie theatre was. Did they film it here? The protagonist ran into the empty mall. Things were starting to get very strange. She ran up two levels of escalators and towards the very movie theatre I was in. I could hear the footsteps and the clanking of the Slasher’s axe behind her through the speakers in the theatre. The girl character manically looks around and a POV shot zoomed into cinema five, the one I was in right now. She bolts towards the cinema five. This was getting too weird now.

As I watched the girl rush into the theatre, I heard the door slam open behind me. That’s when I mentally checked out.

I turned around. It was the girl in the movie. She came running down the aisle screaming. I stood up. she came right at me. She had a deep cut on her left arm and as I held her, she passed out. I was losing my mind at that point. The Slasher hovered above us with his axe already swung behind him.



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