Girl V Zombies

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Girl V Zombies

Little Sophie woke up to a loud growls and sounds of destruction on the street outside. The nine-year-old had never heard anything so horrific. She checked the time on her nightstand, it was four minutes past midnight. She rushed to her parents’ room; they weren’t there. Sophie rushed back to her room and peeped out the window. It was hard to make out what was going on. The streetlights were all out and the power lines were buzzing with blue sparks flying in all directions. Sophie was scared out of her mind. She squinted and tried to focus. There were hundreds of dark figures pacing in all directions. It was hard to see what they were but after a few moments, she saw in terror, what they were. That’s impossible, zombies are only in movies and books she thought. She didn’t know what to do. She needed her mum.

Trembling uncontrollably, Sophie didn’t know what to do.

She continued to look outside hoping that someone would come soon to help. She couldn’t tell how long it’s been since she got up to her new nightmare. All she could do was sit in the dark and pray that help would come soon. As she peeped through the curtains one of the zombies jerked its head in her direction and they locked eyes. Sophie’s heart sank. The thought of one of those things coming into her house was unthinkable. The zombie stopped for a few seconds seemingly frozen. Sophie hoped that it would just move on with the rest of the hoard. Without hesitation, the zombie charged toward her house. It was fast. Then others followed. Sophie could hear the zombies banging on the front door downstairs. Tears came down her cheeks.

The front door did a good job of holding the monsters for a minute but eventually they smashed through it and like a hungry pack of dogs they rushed in destroying everything in their path. Sophie got ready for the worst. She could hear them run up her stairs. She prayed that her parents were alright.

She kept crouched down next to her window. Some of the monsters rushed into her parents’ room. All Sophie could do was whimper in silence. Everything seemed to slow down.

The zombies sniffed around and finally found her. They growled with every breath they took. Sophie covered her eyes and dared not make a sound. The zombie that spotted her from outside tossed her bed like a rag doll and cornered her. She had nowhere to go.

Suddenly, a little message popped up in her vision “Threat Detected” in red. As if someone had taken over her body, the nine-year-old got up and scanned the room. Though it was almost pitch black, she could see everything as if it was broad daylight. The first zombie lunged at her, without any consideration. Another message popped up in her vision “ATTACK IMMINENT”.

Something had definitely taken over her body. Little Sophie sucker punched the big ghoul in the face as she jumped up, knocking it out. The zombie lay on the floor twitching with black goo coming out of its mouth. The others then rushed too her. Another message flashed “LASER ACTIVATED”

In less than ten seconds, she made a big mess of the hoard of zombies invading her house with laser beams shooting out of her eyes like fireworks.

Sophie then jumped through her window. In front of her were hundreds of the disgusting zombies all making the same growling sound. She was ready.


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