Robot Man

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The following is a work of fiction.


Robot Man

The end of the war was nearing. The world burned for ten long, bloody years leaving nothing. The Artificial Intelligence enemies have been setting up bases all over the world ever since its inception and stock piling unimaginable weapons in the Antarctic. They came without warning on Christmas Day exactly ten years ago tonight. Humans made a desperate bid to unplug everything and that did work for a while, but the robots were beginning to learn. The meat bags were no match for them. Most animals became extinct, along with most of the human races. The robots know how to convert anything into energy, clean direct conversion. They had no need for anything but themselves. The attacks of the robots were always swift, efficient and brutal, we had no chance.

J-53641 scanned the ruins of what appeared to be downtown Sydney, Australia. It was a grotesque attempt at trying to lure out the last remaining humans from the ashes. No one on Earth would be fooled by these robot killers. They looked like naked mannequins with expressionless faces, heads twitching back and forth scanning for any form of heat. They theorised that humans emit heat and heat is a sign of life.

The creepy robot soldier has been active day and night for the last two years ever since it was dropped off by the carrier. These relentless machines had infinite shelf life. They draw the energy from anything they touch. Suddenly, it stopped dead still. It still scanned its surrounding like a maniac. Suddenly, like a dog that’s picked up a scent of blood, it ran down a dark alleyway. The heat signature that the J-53641 picked up turned out to be a small fire in a trash can. It stopped for a moment and decided that it wasn’t worth any more of its time. As it turned, a figure shot it in the forehead at a point-blank range, rendering it dead. The figure was that of a man with metallic torso, limbs and skull.




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