Rise Of The Robots

Posted by David Kim on

8:00 PM

Another unremarkable work night. Harper finished her dinner and got up to wash up. It had been a long day at work and she was ready for bed. As she turned the tap on to start washing her dishes, something exploded just outside her apartment building. It took her a second to react to the loud sound that she had only heard in movies. She quickly went to her window to see what was going on.

Total mayhem ensued on the street below. Military were firing at these metalling things that were advancing on them in speeds that she’s never seen before. She couldn’t make out what they were at first in the dark. They seemed to be some sort of deformed animals but they were made of metal and plastic. She stood watching the hellish scene outside for few minutes when she decided to go and check on her front door. She locked it but heard the same kind of madness occurring in her hall way. She quickly turned her lights off. The military men outside seemed to be losing the fight and were simply retreating and running for their lives. These ugly metal creatures were coming from all directions like zombies and shredding the soldiers like paper. Sudden surge of adrenaline rushed through Harper’s veins. She did have a hand gun that she hadn’t ever used. She took it out of her closet and thought for a moment on how she will get out of this.

She checked her phone for any information. As expected everything was down, even the SOS signal. She checked her revolver. At least it was fully loaded she thought. The noise outside on the street and her hallway intensified. It was as if these creatures were systematically going home to home eliminating who ever was inside. She felt completely helpless. 

Suddenly, something came crashing through her window. It was impossible, the window was made of fully armoured and she was on tenth floor. No bird could ever come smashing through it, she thought. to her horror it was one of the metallic creatures. It was hard to see exactly what it was in the dark room. The eyes were red, lit up like a demon and its face, if one could call it that was void of any expression.



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