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The following is a work of fiction.


The air raid echoed all throughout the city. Dark clouds moved in fast, and thunder began to roar. Rain was imminent. Military and police vehicles patrolled the streets warning the citizens to take cover in any way possible. I was too focussed on finishing work all afternoon to notice the weather. I walked as fast I could towards the subway only two blocks away. I knew I can make it, I had to make it. Heavy drops of water began to fall as I ran for my life.

Suddenly I saw red and blue lights flash with the police siren behind me. I only had about fifty metres to go to get under cover, why didn’t he just let me get to the station!. The rain began. I’ve never seen rain this heavy since the monsters arrived.

The cop rolled down his window and yelled “Sir! Get in the car, I’ll take you to safety”!

As I approached the car, I saw the thing. It was hard to make out what it looked like in detail, it was a big shadowy figure, muscular, animalistic, and powerful as all hell. The police car had no chance. The enormous black thing seemed to appear out of nowhere, as the heavy rain fell and crashed into the police car like it was made of tin can. I started to run for the subway. I could see the entrance only metres away. The monster was fast, it caught up to me within a second and I could feel its breath.

They closed the entrance to the subway!

I closed my eyes.

The only thing that was protecting me was the five metres of awning on the curb. I felt the powerful stomp of the monster as it approached me. The heavy rain didn’t show any signs of stopping, or at least not in the next five seconds. The thing let out a loud roar.


I was too afraid to open my eyes. After about a minute, I slowly looked up. The rain had suddenly stopped, and the monster had disappeared.



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