Pound Of Wonder News Issue 1

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Pound Of Wonder News Issue 1

What is a man child?  It’s hard to define exactly what it means to be one. First word that comes to mind is freedom. It’s quite liberating and invigorating to be yourself one hundred percent of the time. What I mean by that is, I don’t pretend to be anyone but me. And who is me? My name is DK short for David Kim and I’m… It’s hard to talk about your self for the whole of the internet to read. Well getting back to the concept of man child. Well, I guess, I’m a man child cos I’m a grown arse man who likes sneakers, T-shirts and milkshakes.

OK, let me start again. I’ll get back to you on the concept of man child in later issues. Let me just introduce myself in this blog. My day starts at 4AM. I wasn’t always an early riser. But since the onset of the apocalypse for the last two years, I have been having little epiphanies about life, work and other stuff. So, I’ve been waking up at 4AM for about a year now to get the day underway. For the first hour, I like to have a black coffee and just chill as I’m still not fully awake yet… “Hey, what is this, no one cares” That’s my brain yelling at me while I’m typing this BS…

It's really hard to talk about yourself for the internet so let me talk a little about Pound Of Wonder. I had an idea of starting a company selling T-Shirts back in 2017. When I launched the website, I had like 6 designs and two colours. The main drive was to sell T-Shirts that I’ve designed. Then, over the next couple of years I added more designs for T-Shirts, hoodies etc. Now in 2022, I had a second renaissance for P.O.W. Another one of my passions is fiction and storytelling. SO rather than starting another website I had an idea of including short stories within the website. Most of the stories are sci-fi based, mystery, fictions about paranormal. I’ll be posting stories daily at 12PM Australian Eastern Standard Time, every single day.

On top of that, I will be posting weekly segments on Fridays called Live-A-Little Friday, where I mash up fast foods or cook up indulgent foods and rate them. It’s work in progress so keep you eye out.

I’m also brain storming for other weekly segments for the other days of the week. Up coming segments are: Art Appreciation Wednesday, Review Thursday, Doing-Something-Crazy Tuesday etc

Pound Of Wonder started out as an online store selling home made T-Shirts but it’s evolving into kind of a media company, a very small one for now.

I’m also working on several flash fiction series with titles such as Superhero Incorporated, The Attic, Girl V Robots, UFO, All Seeing Eye and The Night Detective. I will be announcing soon what days I’ll be publishing these titles on regular basis. There will still be dope T-Shirts and street wear so stay tuned for those.

Very exciting times ahead.

I’ll talk to you guys next week.


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