One Bad Night At St. Michael's

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Ghost Squad (Working Title)

12:02 AM

Jake trailed behind me and Amanda as we followed the loud banging noises at the end of the hallway in the children’s ward. I haven’t slept properly in a month. We had just come back from Edinburgh hunting and dispelling poltergeists in the pub on George Street that we couldn’t disclose. That was hell of a hunt. I miss the days when we trespassed abandoned buildings for views and likes. That all changed when I met these two, Jake and Amanda. Amanda, only twenty-two years old and can see dead people. Jake, a college dropout invented devices that literally detects ghosts. The three of us formed the Ghost Squad, a sort of exterminating service for haunted homes and establishments. I was hungry, jetlagged and sleepy and glad to be back home when I got the call from the administrator from this fine hospital whose residents have been reporting paranormal activities.

We don’t just take on clients. I initially interview the people that come to us with any claims of supernatural. Then we conduct initial investigation on the claim. Usually, the claims end up being hoaxes or a joke, so we just make content on sight for the views and likes. This time, it’s very different. From get go, the entire hospital showed signs of high level of activity. Amanda passed out for the initial visit and Jake looked as though he’s seen something through his ghoul-goggles that he’s not meant to see. Mark the camera guy followed us filming.

“Hey, Mandy, you ok?” I asked.

She just nodded. She seemed to be struggling. Jake had the detector up. The beeping on the ghoul detector picked intensity. The entire hospital was evacuated when ten patients and staff went awol and jumped off the roof after going inside this room. Amanda stopped and slowly turned around. I was genuinely worried for her. I took a hold of her waist to support her. She was stone cold, and her heart was racing. Jake put on his goggles as we approached the door to the room to the children’s ward. Amanda stopped and refused to go any further. I stopped with her as Jake opened the door and went inside.

“No, no, no…” Jake screamed as the door slammed shut.

I set Amanda down on the bench adjacent to the room and stormed in. The room felt like a meat locker. I couldn’t see anything but definitely felt something very unpleasant. Jake was on the floor. I checked his pulse and breath. Luckily, he was breathing. I took his goggles off and put it on. What I saw was something that no human being was meant to see. Mark followed me inside the room as he documented everything.

There were endless people in patient’s gowns all reaching out to me in agony. There were hands coming out of walls and trying to grab me. I looked back but Mark and Jake were no where to be seen. I could feel every one of those souls’ pain and suffering. I teared up uncontrollably as I tore the goggles off my head. I must have had the goggles on for about five seconds which was an eternity in the ghost realm.



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