No Man's World

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No Man’s World

The blue, unforgiving midday sky stared down at me. I had no choice but to walk the last five miles through this heat. My horse, poor Peggy couldn’t take it any further twenty miles back. I had a quarter sack of water left and if I tough it out, I can make it to the next town. We ran out of water a week ago and you don’t want to know what people do to each other when water runs out. I barely got out just before dawn. The screams and wailings still echoed through my mind. This heat, no one can get used to it. My compass indicated that I was at least walking in the right direction.

I walk slowly so I don’t exert myself too much. Exertion means burning of precious calories and more importantly water. I haven’t eaten in a while, but the constant thirst let’s you forget the hunger. I just pray that the town has water and food. In this world, only two things matter: water and knowing the right people to find it. I don’t know what I did to deserve such good luck, but a kind woman took me in six months ago and shared her food and water in exchange for protection. It was a good transaction until last night. Before she got killed by those animals, she gave me this map to the unnamed town, compass and ten gold coins for the entry. I truly hope that the town exists.

They say, below the sand lies all the water and rich soil for growing crops and this town figured it out. Emily, the kind woman told me to behave myself if they let me in as they are ruled by laws. This town sounded too good to be true. I only took a little sip from my water sack when I started to hallucinate. Now was such time. I swear I saw my beautiful Sarah walking towards me. I clench my eyes and take few drops. Out here, one wrong move can kill you. I check the compass. Luckily the town was straight up north. It’s amazing what a human body is capable of. I can feel my body squeezing every drop of energy to keep moving forward.

I look up slowly. For a second, I thought I saw a cloud. But it was just sand blowing. Speaking of sand, I can feel the storm coming. In the horizon to the east, I can see a dark sandstorm brewing. I had about two hours to reach the town. I was sure I can make it. I must make it.

As I slowly make my way north I suddenly see my worst nightmare, a band of desert thieves. They are like hyenas, only live to survive in anyway they can. There were at least seven of them that I can see. I didn’t have enough bullets or the strength to fight them. If I lose few ounces of water and my coins, I’m as good as dead.

They spotted me and were rushing at me like mad dogs on their horses.


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