Night Shifters

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Night Shifters

12:00 AM

Every night, at the stroke of midnight, they come out. I can’t be sure for how long I’ve been stuck here in this old, hospital, maybe days, maybe forever, still I try to escape from these monsters. Outside on the street below I can see cars and people walking by. It was of no use trying to get attention of the passersby, it was as if I didn’t exist to them. The chime of the clock echoed all through out the building. These monsters seemed to be unkillable. It doesn’t matter how many times I knocked, swung, stabbed and slashed at them, the exact same ghouls and creatures appear every night. If I wasn’t stuck in these crutches with a broken leg, I could easily walk out through the front door. The people in the outside world need to know about these demons.

When the chime of the clock finally came to a stop, I could feel the creatures starting to move downstairs. It always started with light footsteps, which increased to stomps as if there were dozens of giants pacing up and down on the floors above and below. I had to move, they go from room to room devouring any soul they come across. I tried to move as slowly as I could but these wooden crutches made it quite difficult to walk silently. My right leg was still broken, I could feel the throbbing pain and any pressure shot up unbearable pain up my whole body.

It took forever to get to the doorway of my room, my safe haven by day and hell at night. once I saw one of those ghouls drag a woman down the dark hallway. Her helpless screams still swirled in my head. There was no way I was going to end up like her. Slowly, I turned the brass doorknob and opened it. I prayed to God that the door didn’t creak like in a horror movie. As expected, the squeak of the door darted down the hallway as if to call those things to me. My heart sank. An unnatural growl sounded from all floors, and like hungry animals out for blood, I could hear thumping of hooves and heavy footsteps in all directions. I had to find a new place to hide. I had minutes, maybe seconds.

I ignored the pain in my leg and moved down the hallway as quickly as I could. It was too late to remain silent. I used all my strength to clench onto the handles of the crutches and made my way down the hall. My leg felt like it was burning. But I to move as quickly as I could. The thought of getting dragged into hell by one of those things were unthinkable. I focussed. There was a lift, I had a plan of taking it to the ground floor, and maybe I could make it out of here and get some help.

Thankfully the lift door opened with the warm light flooding out. I heard the hoard of monsters run around the corner. I had to get in the lift fast. As I stepped in, there it was. It was hard to describe what it was, all I remember is that it was eight feet tall, grotesque dressed in a nurse’s uniform.

I lost the grip of my crutches and dropped to the floor like a sack.

That was the last thing I remembered.


I was back in my hospital room. The sun was shining through the blinds. it felt good. My heart was racing. The street outside was busy with cars and pedestrians. I was jolted by the creak of the old door. A nurse walked in holding a silver tray. She was tall, pretty but appeared to be formidable. She laid the tray on my bed and walked out. It was breakfast and painkillers. I needed a plan, if I was to escape this nightmare.


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