Night Shift

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Night Shift

Jennifer frantically ran and prayed that the door at the end of the dark hallway wasn’t locked. She could hear the heavy guttural breathing of whatever that thing was chasing her. She turned around to look. It was like a demonic bull, and it looked angry. Her lungs were burning but she had no choice but to make it to the end of the hall. She closed her eyes as she took a hold of the doorknob to turn it. To her relief, it wasn’t locked.

Panting uncontrollably, she pushed the door and quickly slammed it shut behind her.

Jennifer could hear the demonic animal charging at her and was sure that it would crash through this old door. She stopped for a second and put her ear to the door. Silence.

She dared not open the door. Slowly, Jennifer stepped away from the door and told herself to run up the stairs. At the top of the stairs were several doctors performing a procedure on a body. She quickly ducked down to not get spotted. It was an old-style operating theatre with three doctors operating on a patient with several others looking on. None of them seemed to have noticed Jennifer. The patient was cut wide open, and the three doctors looked like they were concentrating hard. Jennifer slowly stepped closer to who they were operating on. What she saw next was very strange. The patient’s abdomen was cut wide open, but she couldn’t see any blood or organs but just a gaping hole that she could see through. The doctors only looked like they were mimicking and imitating movements of someone performing an operation. She looked around the room. None of the people, the doctors and nurses had faces. They only had little lights for eyes and misty smoke that kind of resembled a nose and mouth.

Jennifer was more intrigued than afraid.

She slowly, looked at who the patient was. Jennifer felt like passing out. The patient had a face as clear as day. The person being operated on by the ghostly figures were herself. To add to the horror, the patient opened her eyes looking directly at Jennifer. The doctors stopped what they were doing and slowly turned their attention on Jennifer.

Jennifer mustered up all her strength and ran out of the room. Luckily, the doctors and nurses didn’t chase her out to the foyer with their scalpels.

Jennifer could see the front door. She was glad that she will finally get out of this nightmare. There wasn’t anyone in the foyer except for an old woman sitting in the corner hunched over. She didn’t need to find out if the old woman needed help.

Jennifer ran out of the old hospital. The unexplainable creepiness continued outside. She couldn’t  tell what time it was. Her watch indicated that it was a quarter past two. It wasn’t quite dusk or dawn. There wasn’t anyone around. She followed the long driveway down to the street. She noticed something that she’s never scene at a hospital lawn. There few graves scattered here and there.

Right now, her only goal was to get out of this creepy hospital.

The front gate was locked, and she couldn’t make it budge. To either side of the gate seemed like an endless misty lawn. She stood around for few moments and it seemed to open on its own. Jennifer let out a sigh of relief as it opened. A ghostly retro ambulance slowly floated in. That’s when she realised that this must be the infamous haunted hospital that she saw online. All she knew was that she was happy to be out. She stepped out as the gate slowly closed.

She couldn’t wait to go home and tell her parents about what she had just witnessed. She knew the way to the subway. But the more she walked down the street, the more she felt as though something wasn’t right. The same weird creepiness continued. Everyone seemed to move slowly in the same ghostly way. She stopped for a second to observe the people. They were just like the doctors back at the operating room. The people were just mimicking walking, driving and eating a sandwich. She ran down to the subway and just wanted to make it home to her mother.

Jennifer stopped at her usual platform.

It was full of ghostly figures all simply floating and seeming to be imitating real people.

Finally, the train arrived but it looked like it was from a hundred years ago. She took a glimpse of her reflection in the window. She was the same ghostly figure as everyone else.



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