New Home

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New Home

As I lay down on the grass looking up at the night sky, I can’t help but wonder how Earth doing tonight. The brightest star in the sky at midnight is what Earth people called the Sun. It seems to be burning bright tonight, but then again, I’m looking at the sun that existed ten light years ago. The mind boggles. I can only hope that Earth healed. We’ve been told by the team leaders that this is our new home now and we can never return to Earth. It’s my third year here now. I left everything behind on Earth, my parents, friends, everything.

Thousand of us made it here by some divine will, or something. Three hundred ships carrying two hundred people each took off in a hurry five hundred years ago. We were all put to cryosleep. I remember being put into a pod by a technician then waking up with a big headache. We’ve been told that only five ships made it here. The others are either lost or perished.

This planet is one in a billion. It feels just like Earth. There’s even fruit that looks just like apples. Of course, we can never eat it. The first person to taste it, died a horrible death that I don’t want to get into right now. He literally had a tree trunk burst out of his chest and within a day turned into an apple tree.

There are many things here that reminded us of Earth but lethal. Not many things were edible or consumable. We were glad that we brought enough food and soil that we could grow. But it was as if this planet didn’t welcome us. Everything here wants to harm us. I miss Earth. I wished we never fought over stupid things and end up ruining the planet.

We are fast running out of food and water. Don’t get me started on the water here. It appears to be clean and fresh but one drop can kill you within minutes. I just want off this hell rock. Somehow the air is breathable and has the exact same composition as back home. The air is balmy and warm. The days are about the same as back home, so none of us are losing our minds yet. But like I said, we are fast running out of food and water and beginning to get nervous. We sent out a distress signal but there’s no one that could come to help us. Sometimes I wished I stayed on Earth and spend the last moments with my loved ones.

We tried growing crops like wheat and corn here, but the soil literally dissolves the seeds, and I wouldn’t eat anything that grows out of the ground here anyway. We’ve been told that there’s only enough supplies for few weeks left. God I miss Earth. If anyone is reading this, I urge you to get off and head back to Earth right now.

I tall figure in a space suit finished reading this written on a piece of paper next to a shrub that somewhat resembled a human. Penetrating through the atmosphere were a dozen ships carrying two thousand Earth people in search of a new home.



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