My Process On Writing

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My Process On Writing

We all write whether we think we’re writers or not. When you tweet, you’re writing, when you text someone to cancel on the dinner plans, we’re writing. So, what is writing? In a nutshell, it’s storytelling, you know the three-act structure of beginning, middle and an end where something happens that drives the hero of the story forward. In a way our lives are like a book or a movie that way. We all have wants and needs and if they are somehow jeopardised or taken away, we have a story. Right now, my wants and needs are to write a five-hundred-word short story every day and publish it on For me to do that, I need to leave my previous version of me behind and get to typing away at my laptop. But it’s not as easy as it seems.

Every day when I wake up, there’s this thing in my mind that tells me that there is no story and it’s ok to take a day off. Some people call it “resistance”. There was a long period of time when I struggled with this resistance, when I would sit in front of a blank piece of paper and screen, and nothing would come out. This goes for other things like that chore that you need to do, the school assignment that is due in a week. For some reason, we are all hard wired to procrastinate, especially when the due date is in the future which gives you time to battle yourself, whether to get started or not. I especially find it difficult because there is no due date or time limit. I only write because I have this need to do it. The famous published writers have a whole procedure and routine for them to fight the resistance. Some go for walks to clear their minds, some write super late at night, some write early in the morning. These are all good things because that monster, the resistance is real and you have to fight it every single day.

I also have a little routine. I usually wake up at five in the morning and literally get going. I don’t plan out what I’m going to write about, I literally think of one word and that is the premise of the subject. Today, I woke up and thought to myself to write about writing. I don’t stare at the blank screen for too long, I just get started. The frontal cortex goes into overdrive. I literally create the world in my head then and there and put a character in it. Then I give it something to do. I like science fiction and action, so most of my stories are about a character running from various monsters and assailants. Someone said on YouTube, firstly, get going, then get good then repeat. I’d like to say I’m at the “get good phase”.

So whether you’re writing, trying to get fit, start that business or whatever, you need to simply get up in the morning and get going.

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